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  1. Dyson - V8 Cordless Vacuum with 6 accessories - Silver/Nickel

    Your price for this item is $349.99
    The previous price was $469.99
  2. Dyson - V12 Detect Slim Cordless Vacuum with 8 accessories - Yellow/Iron

    Model: 405863-01/447625-01
    SKU: 6504483
    Your price for this item is $549.99
    The previous price was $649.99
  3. Dyson - Omni Glide Cordless Vacuum with 3 accessories - Purple/Nickel

    Your price for this item is $349.99
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Buy a Dyson cordless vacuum.

Why choose a Dyson cordless vacuum?

A Dyson cordless vacuum is so lightweight and easy to use, you may actually enjoy vacuuming your home. Lightweight Dyson vacuums deliver powerful suction, reasonable battery life (up to an hour) and the attachments you need to tackle a wide range of surfaces, furniture and nooks and crannies. A well-balanced, easy-to-handle Dyson cordless lets you vacuum even in areas away from wall outlets. A Dyson multi-surface cordless vacuum cleans hardwood floors, tile or carpets with equal effectiveness. Many other Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner models convert quickly and easily into a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner for quick cleanup of kids’ or pets’ messes in hard-to-vacuum spots like shelves or around plants, or in the car or boat. If you don't need the convenience of a cord-free vacuum, check out a traditional Dyson upright vacuum featuring motorized brushes and a wider cleaning path.

As you search for your perfect Dyson cordless, decide which features will give value and help you make short work of your vacuuming. Consider features like adjustable suction, adjustments for carpet height, an LCD screen that tracks performance, multiple power modes, remaining battery display and more. If you are able to turn your Dyson cordless vacuum into a Dyson handheld, you'll be able to clean in more spaces and may shorten the time you spend vacuuming.

Selecting the best Dyson cordless vacuum for you.

If you or someone in your family has allergies, the best Dyson cordless vacuum for you may be a hypoallergenic cordless Dyson vacuum. Choose one of several models that can be counted on to capture dust and allergens thanks to a whole machine filtration system. If you use it in conjunction with one of the air-cleaning, air-circulating Dyson air purifiers with a HEPA filter, you’re well on your way to making your home more asthma- and allergy-friendly. If you have pets, you may also want to focus your search on a cordless Dyson pet vacuum, which has been specifically designed to help remove pet hair, pet allergens and tracked-in dirt, and comes with tools designed for removing pet hair, dead skin cells and dried mud from carpets and upholstery.

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