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  1. Bowflex - SelectTech Stand with Media Rack - Black

    Your price for this item is $149.99
    The previous price was $179.99
  2. Gym Rax - 6 Ft. Streamline Bay + Gym Storage - Storm Grey

    Model: GYMRAX-100KBB
    SKU: 6447754
    Your price for this item is $228.99
    The regular price is $1,145.00
  3. Chirp - Wheel+ for Back Pain Relief - 3 Pack - Mint

    Model: 3P-PW-PLUS-RTL
    SKU: 6467427
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  4. Therabody - Theragun PRO PLUS - Black

    Model: TG0003970-1A10
    SKU: 6551565
    Your price for this item is $599.00
  5. Therabody - Theragun Relief - Navy

    Model: TG0003968-1A40
    SKU: 6551564
    Your price for this item is $149.00
  6. NEXT - 96ft Gym Flooring Exercise Mats - Black

    Your price for this item is $79.99
  7. Hyperice - Venom 2 Back - Black

    Your price for this item is $249.00
  8. Hyperice - Normatec 3 Legs System - Black

    Your price for this item is $799.00
  9. BowFlex - SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells - Black

    Your price for this item is $429.99
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  11. Hyperice - Heated Head Attachment - Black

    Model: 40021 001-00
    SKU: 6552833
    Your price for this item is $59.00
  12. Therabody - RecoveryTherm Cube - Black

    Your price for this item is $149.99
  13. Hyperice - Hypervolt 2 Percussion Massage Device - Black

    Your price for this item is $199.00
  14. ProForm - Carbon TL - Black

    Your price for this item is $599.00
  15. Therabody - Theragun mini (2nd Gen) Bluetooth + App Enabled Portable Massage Gun & 30% Lighter (Latest Model) - Black

    Model: TG02015-01
    SKU: 6510260
    Your price for this item is $199.00
  16. Schwinn - 430 Elliptical - Black

    Your price for this item is $899.99
  17. Chirp XR 4" Neck - Mint

    Model: W-XR-4-MNT-R
    SKU: 6562269
    Your price for this item is $39.99
  18. VeloCore Bike (16" Console) - Black

    Your price for this item is $899.99
    The previous price was $1,799.99
  19. Therabody - Theragun Prime Bluetooth + App Enabled Massage Gun + 4 Attachments, 30lbs Force (Latest Model) - Black

    Model: G4-PRIME-PKG-US
    SKU: 6400562
    Your price for this item is $299.99

Purchasing exercise and fitness equipment.

Choosing the best home exercise equipment for you.

You’ve learned how to make time for exercise within your busy schedule, now it’s time to get moving. Whether you have a dedicated workout space or your living room is pulling double duty between home gym and lounge area, the workout equipment you choose can impact your fitness journey. This is why you should assess your fitness goals and preferences. Are you aiming for cardiovascular health or calorie burning? Then think about investing in a treadmill or an exercise bike. Or, consider less traditional home workout equipment, like elliptical machines or rowing machines.

If you want to focus on strength training, consider adding some weights to your workout routine. Not only does lifting weights help increase muscle strength and endurance, but weight exercises can be done practically anywhere. Resistance bands are also an option, especially if you already incorporate push-ups, sit-ups and other bodyweight resistance exercises into your workouts or if space is limited. If you do happen to have a room dedicated to home workout equipment, you can utilize your space and add benches, racks and towers to your setup.

Getting the most out of your exercise equipment.

You need to get the most out of your investment once you’ve found the best home exercise equipment for you and your space. With connected fitness, you can enhance and track various aspects of your fitness journey. Devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatches and even some heart rate monitors can be worn to track your physical activity, monitor vital signs and provide real-time feedback. This not only lets you see your progress and how your body is reacting to your exercise equipment, but it also can motivate you to keep going by setting personal fitness goals.

Starting a new exercise regimen can initially seem both challenging and monotonous. To help guide you through your workouts, consider getting some new earbuds or sports headphones. You can sweat it out on your workout machine while you are listening to your favorite, inspirational songs or podcasts. And of course, don’t forget about workout recovery after your exercise. Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle nearby and stretch out your sore muscles with a foam roller. Using a percussive massager after working out on your home exercise equipment is also a good way to help relieve soreness, which is why it is among the best tech gadgets for workout recovery.

Additional information: These statements and any information contained herein are intended for educational purposes only and are not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. Carefully review product labels for instructions and important safety information and consider consulting with a health care professional regarding your use of health and wellness products.