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  1. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) - Front_Zoom
    Model: MU8F2AM/A
    SKU: 6252354
  2. Apple Pencil (1st Generation) - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: MK0C2AM/A
    SKU: 4538802
  3. Microsoft - Surface Pen - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: EYU-00001
    SKU: 5859100
  4. Microsoft - Surface Slim Pen 2 - Matte Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: 8WV-00001
    SKU: 6477996
    Release Date: 10/05/2021
  5. Wacom - Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus for Windows Ink; 2nd Generation - Gray - Front_Zoom
    Model: CS323AG0A
    SKU: 6374981
  6. Insignia™ - Styluses (3-Count) - Black/Red/Blue - Front_Standard
    Model: NS-MST32M
    SKU: 9238026
  7. PN350M Active Stylus Pen for Dell Inspiron Touch Laptops - Black - Alt_View_Standard_12
    Model: PN350M
    SKU: 6449345
  8. Logitech - Crayon Digital Pencil for Select Apple iPad Tablets - Mid Gray - Front_Zoom
    Mid Gray
    Model: 914-000051
    SKU: 6452837
  9. advertisement
  10. Insignia™ - Stylus - Silver - Front_Standard
    Model: NS-MST2B
    SKU: 3695185
  11. Microsoft - Surface Slim Pen Charger - Matte Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: 8X2-00001
    SKU: 6477995
    Release Date: 10/05/2021
  12. Belkin - Case + Stand for Apple Pencil - Gray - Front_Zoom
    Model: F8J206BTGRY
    SKU: 5577950
  13. Samsung - Stylus - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: EJ-PN970BBEGUS
    SKU: 6378026
  14. Microsoft - Surface Slim Pen - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: LLK-00001
    SKU: 6382264
  15. ZAGG - Pro Stylus - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: 109906908
    SKU: 6436450
  16. SaharaCase - Adhesive Pouch Case for Apple Pencil and Samsung Stylus Pen - Blue - Front_Zoom
    Model: SB-PAS-B
    SKU: 6429357
  17. Samsung - Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: EJ-PG998BBEGUS
    SKU: 6450432
  18. Insignia™ - Slim Stylus - Maroon - Front_Zoom
    Model: NS-MSSTL2U
    SKU: 4400306
  19. Insignia™ - Cap for Apple Pencil - Clear - Front_Zoom
    Model: NS-MAPCAP
    SKU: 5457800
  20. Insignia™ - Strap for Apple Pencil - Front_Zoom
    Model: NS-MAPSTP
    SKU: 5457900
  21. SaharaCase - Adhesive Pouch Case for Apple Pencil and Samsung Stylus Pen - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: SB-PAS-A
    SKU: 6429230
  22. SaharaCase - Silicone Grip Case for Apple Pencil (2nd Generation 2018) - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: SB-A-SGC-A
    SKU: 6429300
  23. Wacom - Bamboo Ink Plus Stylus - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: CS322AK0A
    SKU: 6353916
  24. Wacom - Standard Nibs for Previous Generation Pens (5-Pack) - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: ACK20001
    SKU: 7216638

Buying a stylus pen for tablets.

Benefits of using a stylus.

Styluses are digital pen tools that are used to assist in navigating touch-screen devices like tablets and smartphones. A stylus can be used to draw pictures, take notes, or to be more precise when making selections on your mobile devices. They can also help keep your device's screen clean by preventing finger smudges and can work with a tablet screen protector without loss of functionality. Whether you're buying a pen for touch screens, a keyboard, or other tablet accessories, be sure to check the compatibility with your device. Many of the stylus options available will work well with Apple iOS, Android, or Windows tablets, but it is best to double-check before buying, especially if you specifically need an iPad stylus that’s compatible with your device. Thankfully, Best Buy carries a wide selection of tablet pencils that work with all the top tablet brands we sell. 

Getting the most out of your stylus.

Making selections on a touch-screen menu with your finger can be difficult, especially if you have larger hands, or if you’re a child still developing fine motor skills. Styluses make it easier to select the correct icons and links on your screen, which can make using your portable device simpler and more enjoyable. Many graphic designers and artists use a touch-screen stylus or digital pen for the creative work they do on their 2-in-1 computers. You can use your stylus for drawing and creating graphics on your touch-screen devices and then use a compatible wireless printer to print artwork straight from your tablet. Kids can use a stylus and tablet combination to practice their writing skills, or simply to doodle or color while in the car without risk of marks on upholstery. Students who don't want to carry a heavy laptop around but prefer to keep their notes in a digital format can use a digital pen and tablet for taking handwritten notes during class. For presentations, you can use a tablet case equipped with a built-in stand to display your tablet, and then use your tablet stylus pen as a pointer so your hand isn't covering the display.

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