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Safe Driving

Don't be distracted.

The right tech can help keep your
eyes on the road.

Do your part to stay safe and get the latest tech for hands-free communication, listening to music, getting directions, improving driving habits, and providing engine diagnostics.

Featured Bluetooth and hands-free devices

Bluetooth and hands-free devices
Works with your cell phone so you can listen to music and talk hands-free through your vehicle's radio.
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Access your apps, text messages and more with an in-dash receiver compatible with Apple and Android phones.
Back-up and dash cameras
Stay safe when you drive with backup cameras and document your trip with a dash camera.
Vehicle diagnostics
Get valuable data about driving habits, your car's performance and more.
Portable GPS
Find your destination with a GPS from name brands such as Garmin, Magellan, TomTom and more.
Mobile electronics accessories
Add handy accessories to your mobile electronics such as GPS car mounts and dashboard mats.

Buying car safety devices.

Enable hands-free driving with car safety tech.

More and more accidents are caused by drivers distracted by talking on their cell phones, texting friends, putting in directions or even trying to find the right song on their music streaming app. So, finding ways to maintain hands-free driving while at the wheel can make a huge difference in terms of road safety.

Hands-free devices include car Bluetooth adaptors and FM transmitters, which can connect to your phone and make it easier for you to make or receive calls. Car GPS units display the best roads to take on a screen that is larger and easier to see than a phone. However, if you want to continue using your phone for directions, you can make it more visible and user-friendly by putting it on a car phone mount.

You can also incorporate all of these abilities into one device by choosing a car stereo receiver with GPS. This will provide a large screen to help you navigate using your GPS while also giving you Bluetooth connectivity that you can use to access your phone. Plus, some designs come with music apps for easy listening or built-in microphones for voice commands and phone calls.

Choosing the best car safety gear for you.

In the past, backup cameras were mostly found on expensive cars. Now, you can easily add a backup camera to any automobile and get a better view of what's behind you. These cameras can be crucial car devices for avoiding low-lying obstacles. Dash cams are also a popular addition. A camera mounted on your dashboard records the road in front of you as you drive and can be useful if you witness an accident or are involved in one. You can also use a dash cam to check in on the driving habits of a new teenage driver in your family.

Do you want to get a quick summary of your car's performance? Vehicle diagnostics devices are easy to install, and they work with smartphone apps to monitor your car's engine, battery, and other systems. They can tell you why your check engine light has come on, and some have accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to track driving habits such as rapid acceleration, speeding and more.

It’s good to start building car safety by outfitting your vehicle with devices that keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Then, you can decide whether you want to expand your car safety tech with cameras and diagnostic tools.