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  1. NETGEAR - Powerline 2000 + Extra Outlet

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  2. NETGEAR - Powerline AC1000 Wi-Fi Access Point and Adapter - White

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  3. iPort - CONNECT - POE+ INJECTOR (Each) - Black

    Model: 72106
    SKU: 6529867

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  4. New!iPort - CONNECT PoE+ AND NETWORK ADAPTER (Each) - Black

    Model: 72101
    SKU: 6579566

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  5. iPort - CONNECT PRO - PoE+ UPGRADE (PoE+ Power Only) (Each) - Black

    Model: 72109
    SKU: 6529885

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Buying a powerline adapter.

What is a powerline adapter?

A powerline Ethernet adapter adds to the connection options within your home or business. It allows you to connect your devices to the internet using your home's existing electrical wiring instead of running Ethernet cables through the house or relying on Wi-Fi.

An internet system with powerline adapters works by sending data over your home’s electrical system. It offers fast speeds and a reliable connection. This form of internet connection is a great alternative to wireless networks for certain uses and devices.

Powerline Ethernet connections can be particularly useful for home theater setups. Since your home theater is generally not near your modem and router, you might be relying on Wi-Fi to connect your smart TV or your streaming media player to the internet. However, that can lead to a slow connection and buffering times for your entertainment content. Using handy powerline adapters solves the issue.

How does powerline Ethernet work?

Unlike a powerline Wi-Fi extender or a Wi-Fi access point, powerline Ethernet adapters create a hard-wired connection for your internet-based devices. Using a hard-wired system can add both security and reliability to your home network.

Powerline Ethernet works by converting an Ethernet connection to an electrical signal and then back to an Ethernet connection. If you’re looking into how to set up your home network using powerline adapters, you will place one of your powerline Ethernet adapters near (and connected to) your modem and router. From there, your internet can travel through the electrical system to other powerline adapters in your home.

If you need help setting up your home internet system, including powerline adapters, reach out to Best Buy’s home Wi-Fi setup and wireless networking team. The team can also help you set up individual devices, like a smart TV, a smart speaker or display and various smart home appliances.

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