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Router placement tips.

Sometimes the key to consistent speed requires some tech feng shui. Here are some general rules to optimize your router placement and get the most out of your Wi-Fi.

Router placement tips

Location, location, location.

The router broadcasts the signal in 360º (though more so in some directions than others). Placing your router in a central location within your home makes a world of difference when you want to extend Wi-Fi range to every nook and cranny. If needed, run a long cable from your modem to your router in a new and improved central location.

Clear the area.

Your router’s Wi-Fi signal can sometimes struggle to make it through large furniture or walls. Try to get rid of as many unnecessary obstacles as you can. Improve Wi-Fi signal strength by placing your router on top of a clear table or desk away from any large walls or furniture. If clearing the area is tricky, ensure the router isn't tucked behind a TV or couch.

Antennas up.

If your router features external antennas, then you will most likely want to point them vertically. Vertical antennas provide the widest range of coverage; however, if depth is what you're after (think basements), then you may want to experiment with horizontal antennas. Try out different positions and speed test troublesome zones to see what has the highest impact.

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