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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Network

Five reasons to upgrade your home network

The nation is rolling out gigabit speeds, mainstream virtual reality and 4K content at a blistering pace. Meanwhile, most home networks are slow, inconsistent and outdated. It's time to ditch the network of yesteryear and invite the future of tech into your home.

4K bandwidth.

So you just bought a fancy 4K TV but your streams can't keep up. Upgrading your download speed opens up the world of color and crispness that 4K Ultra HD technology offers and that is bound to make your neighbor jealous.

No more dead zones.

Ditch your old router and replace it with a beast fit for a tech king. New routers or new technology such as Whole Home Wi-Fi offer unbelievable speed and range to reach every corner of your home. Make sure to check out our guide on dead zones for tips, tricks and recommendations fit for your modern setup.

Connect every device.

Five smartphones, two gaming consoles, three computers and a handful of tablets? No problem. A new router can easily handle every device you and your family throw at it. If your router is more than 3+ years old, it likely cannot handle the number of devices you currently have. We recommend a router with wireless AC1600 or above for 10+ devices.

VR heaven.

It's finally here, and it's changing the world. Get your home network ready for the virtual reality revolution with fast speeds to handle intensive 3D streams and downloads.

Money saver.

No, that's not a typo. If you don't own your own equipment (e.g. modem or a router), then you're most likely renting from your internet service provider. Purchasing your own devices can save you money over time, around $10 a month, and unlocks the true potential of your home network.

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