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Shopping for the Right Printer

To find the best printer for your needs, first consider where you'll be using it and the types of things you'll be printing. At home, it's important to choose a model that can handle everything from homework to holiday cards. And, if space is an issue, a compact printer can offer outstanding performance in a small footprint. In the workplace, think about adding office printers that let you scan and fax documents, connect multiple devices and even print large-scale items. While home and office computer printers are designed to work quickly and efficiently, photographers usually look for a model designed specifically for creating studio-quality work.

Printer Types

If you're looking for a do-it-all product that can tackle all your home printing needs, an inkjet printer is a great option. These models will print rich, detailed graphics and crisp text documents on a wide range of paper types. However, if you're looking for an office workhorse that will turn out a large number of prints at high speeds, a laser printer could be ideal for you. Laser printers will keep the work moving while keeping costs down. Tap into your artistic side with a specialty photo printer. With the right selection, you'll enjoy stunning photos that rival the quality of a professional printing service—right in your own home. Or, explore the future of printing today, with a 3D printer. These high-tech machines use materials such as plastic, resin or powder to build 3D shapes of your very own designs.

Ink & Toner Considerations

Before choosing a printer, keep in mind a few things about printer ink. Consider the replacement costs of the ink cartridges and printer toner. Also, think about how much you'll be printing on average, as well as the types of things you'll be creating. If you decide on a color printer, consider an option that accepts individual ink cartridges. That way when one color runs out you can replace only that color rather than spending unnecessary money on a full tricolor cartridge. However, if you only print black-and-white documents at work, this might not be an issue.

Top Printer Brands

Best Buy has a large selection of home, office, photography and 3D printers from the brands you know and trust. Check out our full line of Epson, Canon, Brother and HP printers.