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Terk - Wireless Multiroom A/V Distribution System

Transmit A/V signals from a single source to multiple destinations, virtually anywhere in your home, without wires. Set includes 2.4GHz transmitter, one receiver and all necessary cables.
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It works but a few drawbacks Posted by: from: Greensburg, PA on We wanted to put cable in one of our upstairs bedrooms. After having two different professionals try and fail to find a way to wire the room with coax, we then looked for a wireless option. The Terk system does work. We have it setup in our basement to transmit a cable signal straight up to the 2nd floor bedroom. Picture is clear and the IR extender allows us to control the box in the basement. Now the draw backs. Using your microwave severely interferes with the picture so just know to make popcorn before watching a movie ;) The other drawback is the connections. RCA jacks in 2011? Really? That's it, only RCA (Yellow, Red, and White). In our case we needed to hook it up to a Comcast digital converter box which only had coax connections. to get it to work we had to employ another old piece of technology, namely a VCR to use it as an RF Demodulator (Coax to RCA). So with the Comcast box to VCR to Transmitter to Receiver to HDTV we finally have TV in a bedroom with no cable jack. Horray!

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Nice Features, If Only It Worked. Posted by: from: Texas on I needed to send signal from my Direct TV box to another room that doesn't have a box. The price was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I did like the fact that you had the option to install the unit through RCA or Coax conectors. In any case, Once I had everything connected I could not get a clear signal. Another thing that I noticed is that it would mess up my wireless internet. After doing some research I realized that the problem was the 2.4Ghz that this unit uses for it to send signal. I decided to return it the next day and purchased a different unit that ran a 5Ghz signal. This new unit that I purchased works great, easy hook up and no problems with signal and internet. If you have wireless internet running 2.4 Ghz I would realy recommend purchasing the 5Ghz model instead of this one.

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Excellent solution for our needs Posted by: from: Tucker, GA on We used the Terk to transmit the signal from our den to a LG TV we set up on our patio. It is a great way for us to enjoy game day and beautiful weather at the same time! It was a breeze to set up and we started watching immediately. It took longer to carry the flat screen out there than it did to get the Terk to work. We have the old school DirecTV TiVo (not HD, yet) set up with dual tuners. It has been no problem using all the TiVo features of switching tuners, pause, rewind and slow motion from outside via the Terk. The picture and sound are both great as well. Although, the distance to transmit isn't that far the signal is sent outside house with no problem. (See attached photo.) The microwave does interfere with the signal but that isn't surprising considering the technology being used.

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Didn't work for me Posted by: from: on The concept was exactly what I was looking for. Since our cable provider, Charter, changed to "all digital," each TV in our house required a box. Although it was promoted as some great benefit for us, it appears to be just a way for Charter to make more money by charging $7 per month for each box. Although we already had one DVR and another digital box on the TVs that we watch most, we have four other TVs that we watch infrequently. They were just connected to the cable to get the basic channels. That was working just fine until Charter messed things up! To avoid paying the $7 every month for each of those TVs, I was looking for a way to transmit the signal from one box to other televisions that we don't watch very often. I purchased this device to do that, but I could not get it to work for me. I returned it to the store. Surely there is a way to get this done to avoid those OUTRAGEOUS cable charges!

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Works great Posted by: from: on I use it in my camper outside of my house works perfect ,probably will buy another one for watching ballgames on my deck

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Works decent but not to expectations Posted by: from: Over Yonder on I bought this because I wanted cable TV in the bedroom of my apartment and that was not available to me. Installation was a snap. It works fairly good but if you have a wireless "G" internet connection it will block it completely. I have no problems with my wireless "N" connection. There are times when I get noise and interference but overall it is acceptable. Can't say much about the range because my units are only about 20 feet apart.

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

Too much interference Posted by: from: Garland, TX on Bought this a couple months ago so I could watch TV in the kitchen while I'm cooking, since I don't really have room for a set top box there. It was easy to set up. Initally it worked pretty well. The picture and sound were not great but at least I could watch whatever station I set the cable to in the family room. The only two issues then were a slight delay if I had the family room TV on (which isn't necessary), and huge interference from the microwave. After a few weeks I started to get interference ALL the time, both picture and sound. The picture kind of reminds me of old TV's when the vertical hold needed to be adjusted. Total distance from the receiver is 25 feet and one wall. Now, of course, the 30 day return policy has expired so I'm stuck with it. The product is a great idea, but it just doesn't work well. I feel like I wasted my money for the Terk, as well as the small TV I bought for to use with it.

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Great product Posted by: from: on Im so glad i found this online exactly what i was looking for and works super i can watch tv in bedroom remote works perfect and picture is as good as being hooked up to a Cable box sound is Crystal clear amazed and best part no extra charge for cable box 5$ a month

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Wireless tv transmitter works great. Posted by: from: on I installed the transmitter and it works perfectly. It saves me from running lots of coaxial cable and installing new outlets.

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Great purchase Posted by: from: Magnolia, TX on I bought this item to be able to view satellite tv and listen to satellite radio in the garage without running additional coax. After using it for over a week now, the picture and sound quality are fantastic. Installation was very easy. In my setup, the transmitter is roughly 50' and in a straight line from the receiver. Be aware that this runs on 2.4GHz and anything on that frequency, ie. router/cordless phones, will interfere with the signal when in proximity of the transmitter or receiver. I had to purchase new phones since I wanted to keep this item and needed new phones anyway. Bottom line a great purchase for my needs.

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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