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  • QuestionHow can I copy information from my current WD external hard drive to this one should I purchase it?

    Asked by Jsands.

    • Answer Here is how I would do it: I am assuming this is a Windows computer to which the old drive is attached 1. Power off computer 2. Remove any “unnecessary” USB devices attached to the computer - those devices will be reconnected when data migration (copy data from old drive to new drive) is complete. 3. Connect only the old drive (SOURCE, or the drive with the data on it) to the computer 4. Power on the computer 5. Once the computer is fully booted, and you have logged on, Open the “My Computer” or “This PC” application by double clicking the icon 6. Make a note of the drive letter assigned to the SOURCE drive 7. Connect the new drive (TARGET) to the computer. When you do this, a new icon should appear in the My Computer or This PC application window for the new drive - make note of the drive letter assigned new (TARGET) drive 8. Double click the icon associated with the old (SOURCE) drive - this will reveal the contents (data) of the old drive. If the drive appears empty, you have likely opened the wrong drive 9. Once you see the contents of the old drive, hold down the Ctrl key, and hit A - this will select all contents of the old drive 10. Once all the contents of the old drive are selected, click the RIGHT mouse button on the selected contents of old drive - this will bring up a menu - look for the option: Send To, and move the mouse cursor over it - do not click...yet 11. This will bring up another menu, and one of the options should contain the drive letter/designation for the new, or TARGET drive. Click that option. The data should now start COPYING from the old drive SOURCE to the new drive TARGET. This process could take several hours depending on how much data is stored on the SOURCE drive. A progress indicator should appear on the screen, with an estimate to how long the copy process will take. 12. When the copy process is completed, power off or shutdown the computer, and disconnect the old, or SOURCE drive. Data will remain on old drive. Do not erase or format drive until you verify that all data on the old drive has been successfully copied to the new drive 13. Reconnect any USB devices disconnected in step 2 - leave new drive connected. 14. Power on the computer 15. Once booted, and you have logged on, verify that the data has indeed been copied to the new drive. If so, the process is complete

      Answered by Stephen

  • QuestionIs this hard SMR? Are you a PMR?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer This is not a shingled drive, it is conventional (CMR, which is the same as PMR)

      Answered by DJTimyD

  • QuestionDoes this drive have Smr or Cmr?

    Asked by stancho44.

    • Answer CMR. At this size it is rare to find a shingled drive. Larger drives than this will use heat, magnetic or “energy” assisted magnetic recording, but for now, this one is conventional.

      Answered by DJTimyD

  • QuestionI use my external Hard Drive to back up all of my Video's, can I use this 16TB WD on my TV. And what is the Highest TB WD - easystore that I can use. Please advise.

    Asked by Tata.

    • Answer My Samsung smart TV recognizes the 16TB easy store drive and allows me to browse files on it. I just tried it to answer your question. So it is possible to use it with your TV, but it may depend on the your TV's operating system.

      Answered by Hello

  • QuestionIs there a single rotating conventional hard drive/platter inside of this?

    Asked by JK27.

    • Answer Hello JK27, Please be informed that the WD Easystore Drive is a plug 'n' play device tested and designed for Windows and Mac computers. The drive ships along with a USB 3.0 cable​​​​​​​ and uses USB 3.0 Type-A interface.Yes, its a single rotating conventional hard drive. For more info on the drive, refer to the link:https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13652/initiator/user -Need Help? Please see our "'Contact Us" page for information.

      Answered by Western Digital Team

  • QuestionWhat type of power adapter would be need if I took this to Australia?

    Asked by Espo.

    • Answer Hi Espo, We have mentioned the power adapter information. Please follow the specification. Part Number: WDSC009RNN 5 Volt 2.4 Apms USB PSU Refer to the link to know more about the drive: http://products.wdc.com/library/AAG/ENG/4078-705144.pdf -Need Help? Please see our "'Contact Us" page for information

      Answered by Western Digital Team

  • QuestionHow are all these new models sold out yet have no reviews? Have there even been any purchases of these yet? When are they coming back in stock?

    Asked by FamilyGuy0395.

    • Answer If they are sold out, presumably there HAVE been purchases. Probably pre-sold, before they were in stock.

      Answered by luislast

  • QuestionMy Mac files usually can't be read on my Dell, and vice versa. Will your internal software allow me to backup both without partitioning? My WD clouds solves this automatically. Thanks, Ralph

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello, Please be informed that the WD Easystore External drive comes preformatted in NTFS format for Windows OS, However, in order to use the drive for macOS you can reformat the drive with macOS supported HFS+J file system by using this link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3879 - Please be informed that you can use Time machine to do backup by using this link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/18952/initiator/user Need Help? Please see our "'Contact Us" page for information.

      Answered by Western Digital Team

  • QuestionWhich size is correct TB or GB? Product Description states SIZE as TB BUT selection size is stated as GB.

    Asked by SRJGAL.

    • Answer Technically both are correct. Hard drive manufacturers use decimals where 1,000GB is 1 TB. A Windows computer will use binary so a 1TB drive shows up at around 931GB They are very open about using decimals all be it in fine print.

      Answered by Chuck

  • QuestionThis 16TB External Hard Drive should not be so expensive. Even at this so-called reduced price, it is still far more expensive per terabyte than the other models. And far more expensive than this product was being sold for at the start of the year.

    Asked by MichaelZ.

    • Answer We paid $329. We found this price was acceptable. The product did go on sale for $40 off a week after we purchased. Best Buy refunded $40 to our account. Our final price was $289 for 16TB. Satisfied with this name brand & the performance.

      Answered by PennyPincher

  • QuestionIs there a way to connect 2 PC to this drive?

    Asked by HL.

    • Answer There are a few different ways, depending on technical skills and ability. If you have to ask the question, however, you might not have sufficient know-how and experience to do it.

      Answered by luislast

  • QuestionI've misplaced my ac adapter. I know it's a 12v, but what amp do I need?

    Asked by Tim.

    • Answer Hi Tim, the easystore desktop drive is a high-capacity storage device that offers fast data transfer rates, is both USB 3.0 ready and USB 2.0 compatible, and built with the trusted quality and reliability that WD is known for. Here are the specifications mentioned below. Power Adapter: WDPS037RNN Specifications: 12 volts 1.5 amps 18 watts Type A Type: NEMA 1-15 5.5mm outer-diameter 2.5mm inner-diameter Outer Connector (-) Inner Connector (+) -Need Help? Please see our "'Contact Us" page for information

      Answered by Western Digital Team

  • QuestionIt is difficult to evaluate this device with no read or write performance specifications or the size of the cache. Is there any available information about these items? I would love to get a large backup drive.

    Asked by ProfCarter.

    • Answer Your best bet would be to check the manufacturer's website for any in-depth technical information, if you're seriously interested, and not just browsing.

      Answered by luislast

  • QuestionAre these easy to shuck?

    Asked by DealSearcher.

    • Answer Everyone's definition of "easy" is different, so there is NO WAY to answer this question completely. YouTube has a number of videos on the process, however, so take a look and judge for yourself. For myself, it seemed pretty easy. Now all you have to do is define "pretty" for yourself.

      Answered by luislast

  • QuestionWhat free software can I use to test this drive, to find if all of the drive is good? I see people talk about testing it before filling it up, incase of failure. How do you do this on a drive this size? What software is available?

    Asked by DaveV.

    • Answer WD Drive Utilities is freely available from WD for Windows and MacOS. It can perform quick S.M.A.R.T self tests as well as full media surface scan to verify sector integrity. A full media surface scan will take 20+ hours to complete on a drive of this size.

      Answered by RXB1980

  • QuestionIs this faster or as fast as the WD P50?

    Asked by Caleb.

    • Answer Caleb seems to have misunderstood your question. By "this," you would mean the WD external drive in the ad ("WD - easystore 16TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black"). So you are asking whether the WD - easystore 16TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black is faster or as fast as the WD P50. The WD P50 is a SSD (Solid State Drive). Any SSD will be faster than any platter storage, and will always be more expensive for the same capacity.

      Answered by luislast

  • QuestionWhat is the RPM speed of the drive? 5400 RPM? 7200? Other?

    Asked by Wilburforce.

    • Answer If they're the same class as the 12tb and 14tb models, more than likely running at 5400. They're actually 7200 drives but firmware locked to 5400, as they're often re-badged drives from another series (Ultrastor etc)

      Answered by Russ

  • QuestionUnavailable nearby Pickup: Unavailable within 250 miles of West Albuquerque Update location Delivery: Not available for this item Estimates for 87124 Why bother advertising something that obviously isn't for sale? Not available no matter what.

    Asked by Disappointed.

    • Answer Hi Disappointed, Please be informed that the Easystore Desktop drive is a high-capacity storage device that offers fast data transfer rates, is both USB 3.0 ready and USB 2.0 compatible, and built with the trusted quality and reliability that WD is known for. Further information about drive availability and offers you can contact our online store support by visiting the link: https://shop.westerndigital.com/ -Need Help? Please see our "'Contact Us" page for information

      Answered by Western Digital Team