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Samsung - Galaxy S7 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Black Onyx

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Connect with business associates with this Samsung Galaxy S7. The KNOX platform provides optimum mobile security, and the camera's advanced sensor helps it capture images in low-light conditions. This Samsung Galaxy S7 is compatible with Samsung Pay, so you can make mobile payments directly from the phone, and it has 32GB of storage for files, pictures and business ideas.

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What's Included

  • Owner's manual
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked)
  • USB cable
  • Wall Charger

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
94% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1550 out of 1655)


Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor

Quad-core 2.15GHz processor and 4GB of RAM deliver outstanding overall performance for opening and running applications, flipping through menus, running home screens and more.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS

Offers a fresh, fast platform to help you stay connected and productive while you're on the go.

Universal Unlocked

Compatible with all major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Also compatible with prepaid carriers including Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Tracfone, Net10, Mint, and H2O.

4G LTE speed

Provides fast Web connection for downloading apps, streaming content and staying connected with social media.

5.1" Super AMOLED HD touch screen

Extra-large screen is matched with a slim body to comfortably fit in your hand. Offers 16:9 cinema-like screen ratio that's perfect for viewing of videos, photos and games.

12.0MP rear-facing camera for full HD pictures and videos

The world's first dual pixel smartphone camera makes capturing low light photos a breeze. Also includes a front-facing 5.0MP camera for self-portraits and video.

32GB internal memory plus microSD slot

Provides plenty of storage space for your contacts, music, apps and more. Expand storage up to 200GB by adding a microSD card (sold separately).

Cloud support lets you access your files anywhere

Store your photos, videos, documents and other files on Drive for secure access across multiple devices. Fees may apply.

Use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot

Share your 4G data connection with other compatible wireless devices.

Samsung KNOX™ platform

Industry-trusted built-in, defense-grade mobile security.

Always on Display

Get the time or notifications without waking your screen.

Water-resistant IP68

Repels spills, splashes, and even dunks so you won't be putting all your hopes in a pathetic bowl of rice. Water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

SIM card not included.

* Depends on device memory and network availability. Additional carrier charges may apply.

Customer rating

Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1655 reviews

would recommend to a friend

Expert rating

Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 73 reviews



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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Lacks T-mobile Features & slow updates by Samsung

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    So I bought this phone back in Oct of 2017 during the pre-black sale deals Best Buy had and I bought the phone since it was a good deal back then. Now I am actually regretting getting the unlocked version of this phone because I thought it would have timely updates for the newest version of Android with updates on security patches. This is not the case, since it is now March of 2017 with no updates of any security patches for Android (mine still reads Dec 2017 security patches) and while the carrier phones have recently been updated to Android Nougat 7.0, this version has yet to receive that update. I am hoping the unlocked version does get it as it seems the international version of the phone gets timely updates. So come on Samsung get it together and provide superior customers service!! Update on a timely manner please! IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO USE THIS PHONE WITH T-MOBILE pay attention to what I am about to type since I learned this the hard way. The phone does use T-Mobiles LTE network, does have VoLTE and Wi-fi calling capabilities. What I did not realize, until I saw a branded T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy s7, is that my unlocked s7 did not have the capability to do Video Call Over LTE. I looked all over the various menus, features and anywhere on the phone to turn that feature on. I even reached out to T-Mobile and then at the end they stated that since I have the unlocked version of the phone Model# SM-G930U, that capability of Video Call Over LTE is not available on the phone at all! Those two issues are big ones for me and if it wasn't for the fact that the phone is a pretty good flag ship phone I would have given it either just 1 star or zero stars rather than the two stars I gave it! Can;t over look the fact of timely android updates and missing carrier feature. If T-mobile has a fire sale again on the branded version of the s7 I'll definitely buy that one and sell this one to see if it pays for itself or at least recoup some sort of money out of it. If not I'll just look for other phone companies like LG or Sony with their up coming flagship phones.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Technology isn't stable like it used to be

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    In general it seems technology is getting less stable and dependable (whether new versions of smart phones, wireless PowerBeats3 headphones, etc) though customers are asked to pay more and more ... but for what? In the past two weeks, my 18 month old Samsung Galaxy S5 started fading as well as a pair of PowerBeats3 wireless headphones purchased 45-60 days ago. The Samsung Galaxy S5 had been free with an AT&T cell plan renewal, and the headphones had been under $130. The new phone and replacement PowerBeats3 headphones combined cost roughly $800+. In the two weeks having these two new products, the PowerBeats 3 totally pooped (volume buttons don't work, but occasionally the volume adjusts when you press the button to connect/disconnect a call, seems the headphones are charging/charged with the white light appearing but then when trying to turn them on it's a crapshoot that doesn't correlate to whether the light is orange or white, phone says the headphones are connected but then there is nothing on the headphones, sometimes the headphones pair sometimes they don't -- again just a crapshoot o what will happen, up to 1.5 hours can be spent going through all the PowerBeats3 instructions to reset the phone when all the above happens, but again -- crapshoot on the outcome, and then when sound can be heard, without touching the phone or headphones at all the sound may just go to zero on its own). And that is just the headphones. Now the Samsung Galaxy S7 ... it occasionally just starts flittering between any two apps it wants (again, without me touching the device), i go to Samsung's Help team in Best Buy and they say there is an update to 7.0 that needs to run so they queue that to run, I get home and let it run overnight but then the phone says it can't complete the update (after having 10+ hours to run), then the phone says that there is a different update that needs to run to update my apps (which of course you really can't decline because you just get. Locked or frozen from doing anything until complying), So I comply ... and the result -- Now the phone tells me it can't complete that update either but it has already altered my email on the phone (which had new working fine -- thank God one thing worked somewhat right for a while) and now I can't use email on the phone from the built in email app o n the device and get directed to the Google Play store. Quite frankly ... what the heck am I paying for in all this!!! Shouldn't your stuff work in the first place, and if it doesn't and you make a fix/patch, then Shouldn't that actually fix things or make them better rather than going the opposite direction or disrupting the built in apps/functions the phone comes with? The only thing I get out of all this is that now when little App icons appear on the phone, they do have a nice little bubbly look to them -- which I suppose is what should really matter as opposed to things like the phone being able to work or send an email or not come up with a mind of its own versus enabling me, the guy who is now paying $800+ for technology that 18 months ago I was paying collectively $130 for (AND IT WORKED GREAT THEN), being able to actually functionally utilize the equipment for what it should be a me to do ... unless of course what really matters in the end is having bubbly looking App icons and no sound for $800+. Does anyone know what the heck is actually happening in all this technology?

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Awesome, but. . .

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    Hands down the best phone I have used to date. Excellent Cameras, FAST, superb battery life, amazing display. . . But. . . If you are looking for a device that will be regularly updated, the US Unlocked edition is FAR behind the curve. Samsung had a real shot at entering the US Unlocked market and put the carriers in their place with the fastest updates and upgrades in Firmware, but instead has taken to a quarterly update schedule while EVERY other version of the S7's will be on a Monthly schedule. If you are looking to use the this version for a BYOD for work, be sure to check with your IT administrator and verify that the quarterly patch schedule is acceptable. I know many require a device that receives regular monthly patches. At which time you should seriously consider the Phones by Google, the Pixel and Pixel XL. Also, expect it to be the last S7 of the entire S7 series to receive Nougat 7.0. Carrier Branded editions are already receiving the latest Android (at the time of writing this) with very few global variants left who have yet to receive the Update, considering the next Patch won't likely hit the S7 SM-G930U until mid to late March, I call this "FAR behind the curve". Bottom line, if you are looking for a significantly faster and less bloatware loaded device, and the security patch level update pace isn't a priority for you, then you will be absolutely thrilled with how the lack of carrier-ware helps with battery life and performance. BUT If you are looking for the latest updates on a monthly and regular basis, you will be best served with a Carrier Branded device. p.s. I'm giving 5 stars based on the phone's performance. If it was to be determined by Samsung's Customer Svc, it would be 1 star. ...posted from my SM-G930U on AT&T's Network (Go-Phone).

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Unlocked Samsung devices are NOT recommended


    Nothing on Best Buy here, they're great. Really. The problem is that if you're considering an unlocked device, you're doing so for one or two reasons: You don't want carrier crapware on your phone. You want security and OS updates early. Well, you will at least avoid the carrier crapware, though Samsung might throw one or two seemingly innocuous manufacturer apps on. I haven't had any problems with those yet. As for updates, forget it. The Nougat update was promised for this phone in November of 2016, and as of March 1, it was still on Marshmallow, and the security update was from December. The security update finally came on 3/27, dated 3/1 - almost 4 weeks old by the time we got it. And still no Nougat. All the Samsung forums are full to the brim of angry owners and moderators that just have no clue when it's coming. Samsung will only say "Soon" as they've been saying for over 4 months now. And while Samsung's current flagship is languishing on old software, Samsung is pushing Nougat out to the Note 5. Yeah, the Note 6 and Note 7 both already have it, so that's 2 generations back on a second tier phone. All before they bother with their flagship. Even Verizon, notorious for being the VERY LAST one to update anything, pushed this update out over a month ago. So it looks like Samsung just has better things to do than keep their flagship updated unless they can get the carrier to do the work. I'll certainly buy other phones and stuff from BB, cause like I said, they're great. Samsung has got it's last penny from me. And I will NOT be recommending anything from Samsung to any friends or family.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Poor Customer Svc


    I'm a SM-G930U owner. I purchased the US Unlocked edition with the mindset that Samsung would treat it as it has the International editions. Meaning that it would not be subject to the delays incurred by the Carrier Branded editions are when it comes to updates and support. I mean, Samsung has complete control over the Firmware update schedule. Carriers typically have to go through a series of in-house testing before releasing updates. Samsung, on the other hand, has no hurdles beyond it's own development. Up until very recently, and with a significant amount of effort, Samsung had this edition scheduled for quarterly security updates. And while there is no sold evidence to date that they have moved to a monthly schedule, the US Unlocked edition S7's (SM-G930U & SM-G935U) are the only US editions still running on Marshmallow 6.0.1. If you are looking to purchase this edition for timely updates and superior support from Samsung, DO NOT BUY... However, if you are looking for a bloatware free clean edition of Android, and are willing to wait for updates that may or may not even come, the US Unlocked S7's run great. I can NOT recommend this edition without first expressing that Samsung has shown really unacceptable support for it, but it does out preform the Carrier hacked editions with all the bloat they add. Consider ALL of this before opting for it.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    nice phone that doesn't care about you


    i like this phone thus far, but I've had a few difficulties that all center around one issues: navigation. now, I'm still pretty young, I've grown up with tech, so this isn't from a standard place of ignorance or being unaccustomed to these things. the first issue i had was the screen remains awake when the phone is closed. luckily a quick search fixed that. the next issue i had was switching out the Samsung keyboard for the Google one. the Samsung did not like to let me swear, which just doesn't work. i like to swear. anyways, most results directed me to language and input as the solution, pointing to a "default keyboard" option i did not have. I'm making this review in hopes that someone will see this before buying and be aware that this is resolved by pulling up the keyboard as you would to type, pull down the drop down like you would to change brightness or look at notifications, and tap the thing saying what keyboard you're using. in short, expect to need to branch out to figure out any altercations you may want to make from the default. because this device doesn't seem to like to make it easy.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    No ATT Call forwarding service

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I purchased it to replace a Nexus 5 on an ATT family plan. It seemed to work fine except for the call forwarding feature. I could not use the call forwarding feature because it kept giving a "network error" and "sim card read" error. ATT tech spent a day and 1/2 trying to fix the problem, then concluded it might be the phone. ATT tech advised me to take the unlocked S7 phone to an ATT store to try the sim card in an ATT branded S7. No problem with call forwarding in the ATT branded S7. Took the unlocked S7 back to Best Buy. The Samsung rep at Best Buy tried the sim in another unlocked S7 to see if it was just my phone or all unlocked S7's - he could not get call forwarding to work. Returned the unlocked S7 and bought an ATT Branded S7 instead. Call forwarding works flawlessly on the ATT branded phone. So my conclusion is that the ATT Call Forwarding feature dos not work on an unlocked S7. You can still forward calls to the ATT voice mail, but you can't forward calls to an alternate answering service or another phone.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great, but not great for AT&T customers

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I purchased this unlocked phone with the intention of switching from AT&T to Verizon in the next couple months. Overall, the unlocked phone is just as good (and by that I mean ridiculously overpriced) deal as the Next plan. Either way, you're paying the $650+ for the phone, this way, it's all yours immediately. Also, there is a $99 warranty that totally replaces the phone for any reason- which you don't get with the plans anymore without a $200+ deductible. Overall, this phone is great. The features work well, it runs quickly, and the camera quality is amazing. It truly beats any iPhone in camera quality by a long shot, particularly in low light. However, being on an AT&T plan, my mobile data was not automatically connected. After sitting at a Best Buy for 2 hours, the employee, who had been on the phone with AT&T for 45 minutes, was able to only get my phone to connect with "e", "h", and "h+" data service- NO 3g or 4g. It seems to be just as fast, but not as 'good'? and a huge hassle to figure out with the unlocked phone. I've heard it's easier and better overall quality once put on Verizon. I'll just have to wait and see.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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