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  1. Epson - ES-50 Mobile Color Sheetfed Document Scanner - Black - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $129.99
  2. Epson - ES-60W Wireless Mobile Color Sheetfed Document Scanner - Black - Front_Zoom
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    The previous price was $179.99
  3. IRIS - IRIScan Desk 5 Pro Camera Scanner - Left_Zoom
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  4. IRIS - IRIScan Desk 5 Camera Scanner - Left_Zoom

    IRIS - IRIScan Desk 5 Camera Scanner

    Model: 459524
    SKU: 6375311

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    Your price for this item is $199.00
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  6. Epson - Refurbished WorkForce ES-50 Sheetfed Scanner - Black - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $79.99

Scan documents anywhere with a portable scanner.

What is a portable scanner?

Unlike a traditional desktop document scanner, a portable scanner is compact and easy to carry. Portable scanners can be a great part of your home office setup because they take up minimal space but pack a ton of power. With a portable scanner, you can easily scan and store receipts, invoices, photos, and other documents. These devices are especially helpful during tax season, as you can scan all of your financial documents and then prepare your return using tax software.

Benefits of wand scanners and pen scanners.

Many portable scanners have a wand-like design. With a wand scanner, you simply slide the scanner over a document. With a pen scanner, you move the scanner along a document. Pen scanners also recognize different languages and let you to translate text from a document.

You can easily store a wand scanner or pen scanner near your all-in-one printer or other home office products. Despite their smaller size, wand and pen scanners can scan standard paper sizes. They can even help you save paper thanks to double-sided scanning. Most handheld document scanners also come equipped with software, so you can view, store, save and edit documents long after you’ve made your scans.

How to choose the best mobile scanner for you.

One factor in choosing the right scanner for you is whether or not you want to scan in color. If scanning in color is in your plans, you’ll be wowed by handheld document scanners that feature incredible precision and color depth. If you scan a lot of charts of graphs, a mobile scanner with high scan resolution and color will make it one of the best options for you. Maybe you prefer to see scanned documents on your computer and need a portable scanner with a USB interface that provides a wired connection to your PC. Check for which types of connections these mobile scanners can provide you.

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