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    Bosch - Remote Blower-Angle_Standard

    • Model: DHG6023RUC
    • SKU: 4640200
    Keep the air in your kitchen clean with this Bosch DHG6023RUC remote blower, which features a 600 cfm airflow rate to remove dirt, grease and odors with ease.
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    Bosch - In-Line Blower-Front_Standard

    • Model: DHG6015NUC
    • SKU: 4640207
    Replace a faulty blower in your Bosch Downdraft system with this Bosch 600 CFM in-line blower. Designed specifically for the Bosch Downdraft line of vents, this powerful blower can move up to 600 cubic feet per minute to deliver adequate ventilation. The one-year warranty for this Bosch 600 CFM in-line blower includes limited parts and labor.
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    Bosch - Recirculation Kit for Select Bosch Range Hoods - Gray-Front_Standard

    • Model: HCREC5UC
    • SKU: 3511464
    Convert your Bosch range hood to a recirculating design with this Bosch HCREC5UC recirculation kit, which features a carbon filter for efficient odor elimination. For use with select wall-mounting and island range hoods.
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    Bosch - Recirculation Module for Bosch 30" and 36" Downdraft Systems - Gray-Front_Standard

    • Model: DHDRM36UC
    • SKU: 3511473
    This Bosch DHDRM36UC recirculation module is designed for use with Bosch 30" and 36" downdraft systems and is ideal for wall and island applications where ducting is challenging.
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    Bosch - 36" Telescopic Downdraft System - Stainless steel-Front_Standard

    • Model: DHD3614UC
    • SKU: 3511599
    Save space and keep your kitchen smelling fresh with this Bosch DHD3614UC 36" downdraft system, which features a retractable design and 3 speeds for custom airflow control. The 600 cfm blower options (not included) offer powerful smoke and odor removal.
  6. 6.
    Electrolux - 36" Telescopic Downdraft System - Stainless steel-Front_Standard

    • Model: EI36DD10KS
    • SKU: 4532710
    This Electrolux EI36DD10KS 36" telescopic downdraft system features simple push button operation and infinite speed blower controls for fast and simple odor elimination. The stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
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    Windster - CFM Reducer-Front_Standard

    • Model: WS-68NCFMR
    • SKU: 5010803
    Compatible with WS-68N* range hoods, Windster CFM Reducer for cold weather environments, tightly insulated homes or in high rise condominiums with ventilation restrictions to prevent removing too much air from inside the home.
  8. 8.
    Windster - Collar Damper-Front_Standard

    • Model: DAMPER 8
    • SKU: 5279103
    Keep foreign objects or pests out of your hood vent with this Windster collar damper. The 8-inch collar fits Windster vents of the same size (not included) and features an easy design that swings open with the movement of air. This versatile Windster collar damper also reduces backdraft, keeping your work area well-regulated.
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    Windster - CFM Reducer-Front_Standard

    • Model: WS-48CFMR
    • SKU: 5279104
    CFM Reducer helps WS-48 series range hoods to comply with city code by reducing the max CFM rating where needed.
  10. 10.
    Windster - CFM Reducer-Front_Standard

    • Model: WS-50ECFMR
    • SKU: 5279115
    CFM Reducer helps WS-50E series range hoods to comply with city code by reducing the max CFM rating where needed.
  11. 11.
    Windster - CFM Reducer-Front_Standard

    • Model: WS63TBCFMR
    • SKU: 5279117
    CFM Reducer helps WS-63TB series range hoods to comply with city code by reducing the max CFM rating where needed.
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    Bosch - 30" Telescopic Downdraft System - Stainless steel-Front_Standard

    • Model: DHD3014UC
    • SKU: 3511517
    Save space and eliminate odors quickly with this Bosch DHD3014UC 30" downdraft system, which is compatible with 600 cfm blowers (not included). The retractable design lowers behind your cooktop when not in use, and washable filters make cleanup simple.
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    Bosch - Internal Blower for Bosch Downdrafts - Silver-Front_Standard

    • Model: DHG601DUC
    • SKU: 3511482
    Designed for use with Bosch downdrafts, this Bosch DHG601DUC internal blower features 3 speeds and 600 cfm airflow, so you can efficiently remove smoke and odors from your kitchen while you cook.
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    Insignia™ - 14-piece DSLR/Mirrorless Camera Accessory Kit - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: NS-DCKIT10
    • SKU: 5507800
    Take photos remotely and transfer them to any computer with this Insignia camera accessory kit. With the built-in memory card reader, any SD or CF card's files can be transferred to Mac or Windows computers. A remote shutter controller included in this Insignia camera accessory kit gives users the power to take a photo while also being part of it.
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    KitchenAid - 600 cfm Internal Blower - Silver-Front_Standard

    • Model: UXB0600DYS
    • SKU: 3220686
    Keep your kitchen smelling fresh with this KitchenAid UXB0600DYS internal blower, which features an exhaust capacity of 600 cfm for rapid ventilation. Choose from 3 fan speeds to suit your needs.

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