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    Sentinel - 8-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder-Front_Standard

    • Model: FM84B
    • SKU: 4788505
    Shred up to eight sheets per pass with the power and speed of this Sentinel microcut shredder. This device lets you destroy sensitive materials from paper and cardboard to credit cards in a matter of seconds. An indicator light alerts you of when to empty the 4.4-gallon wastebasket on this Sentinel microcut shredder.
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    Sentinel - 12 Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: FM120P
    • SKU: 6037198
    Microcut shred size for optimum security Smaller waste particles means you empty less often Shreds cd/dvds and credit cards Overheat indicator protects motor 5 gallon waste bin capacity Easy to empty pullout basket
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    Sentinel - 10-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder - Black; Silver-Front_Standard

    • Model: FM104B
    • SKU: 4788511
    Securely shred documents and cards with the Sentinel 10-sheet microcut shredder, which cuts up to 10 sheets into 0.20" x 0.39" pieces so that you know they're completely unreadable. The removable waste basket combined with the EZ-lift handle on top of the Sentinel 10-sheet microcut shredder let you quickly tip the shredded material into the trash bin.
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    Fellowes - Powershred 10-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 4686002
    • SKU: 4995100
    Destroy sensitive documents with confidence using this Fellowes micro-cut shredder. Capable of shredding a single sheet of A4 paper into 2,000 particles, this handy office appliance keeps personal information secure. An integrated safety lock prevents accidental operation, and the 19L pull-out bin makes it easy to dispose of the particles created by this Fellowes micro-cut shredder.
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    Sentinel - 6-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder-Front_Standard

    • Model: FM64B
    • SKU: 4788510
    Protecting the privacy of your business or personal documents is easy thanks to this Sentinel six-sheet microcut shredder. Important materials are rendered unreadable due to microcut technology, and the EZ-Lift handle makes it simple to empty the shredded remains. This black and silver colors of the Sentinel six-sheet microcut shredder make it an attractive addition to an office.
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    Sentinel - 10-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: FM100P
    • SKU: 5484300
    Dispose of sensitive documents or old credit cards securely with this Sentinel microcut shredder. The powerful shredding action destroys paper and credit cards, and a 3.04-gallon bin removes easily for convenient disposal. With its auto start /stop feature and manual reverse option, this Sentinel microcut shredder is easy to use.
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    Sentinel - 30 Sheet Heavy-duty Stripcut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: FS3150P
    • SKU: 6037212
    Massive sheet capacity for high-volume shredding. Shreds up to 30 sheets per pass Shreds CD/DVDs, credit cards, small paper clips and staples 10-minute continuous run time Ample 8.1 gallon wastebasket capacity
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    Sentinel - 6-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: FM60P
    • SKU: 4788503
    Keep customer or personal data secure with the Sentinel six-sheet microcut shredder, which turns sheets of paper and credit cards into tiny pieces for maximum security. The waste bin holds up to 1.9 gallons of paper, and the overheat protection keeps the motor of this Sentinel six-sheet microcut shredder functioning optimally.
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    Sentinel - 8-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: FM80P
    • SKU: 4788508
    Destroy sensitive documents such as old bank statements, expired IDs and credit cards with the Sentinel On Guard eight-sheet microcut paper shredder. Save time by shredding eight sheets simultaneously. Weighing less than 11 pounds, this shredder is as portable as it is powerful. An overheat indicator also protects the motor on the Sentinel On Guard eight-sheet microcut paper shredder.
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    Boxis - Autoshred 700-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder - Gray-Front_Standard

    • Model: RS700
    • SKU: 9561079
    Keep important information confidential with this Boxis Autoshred RS700 shredder that cuts paper down to 0.1" x 0.8" microcut particles. The lockable paper tray accommodates up to 700 sheets of letter-size loose-leaf paper to suit your needs.
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    Protek - 10-Sheet Capacity Crosscut Paper Shredder-Front_Standard

    • Model: PX100B
    • SKU: 5821804
    Ensure the security of your personal information even when you're done with documents with this Protek crosscut paper shredder. The durable device can cut through 10 sheets of paper at a time, and the blades are strong enough to slice up credit cards. This Protek crosscut paper shredder has a run time of up to 3 minutes for effortless shredding.
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    Krinkle-It - 1-Sheet Capacity Stripcut Paper Shredder-Front_Standard

    • Model: KR10
    • SKU: 5708714
    Create colorful packing and crafts materials with the Krinkle-It shredder. This kit also includes colored paper to start you off, as well as instructions and gift bags. You can easily take this portable and compact shredder to crafting gatherings. Use this Krinkle-It shredder to repurpose newspaper, wrapping paper and other scrap paper in imaginative ways.
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    Honeywell - 8-Sheet Capacity Crosscut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 9308
    • SKU: 6098201
    This Honeywell Eight-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder lets you safely discard confidential documents as well as credit cards. It can shred up to eight sheets at a time into the 3.4-gal. basket with a transparent window. The shredder has three-function controls, auto start/stop, manual revers and manual off. For added safety it has overheat protection and it is UL-approved.
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    Honeywell - 6-Sheet Capacity Stripcut Paper Shredder - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 9306
    • SKU: 6098202
    Protect your personal data with this Honeywell shredder. It shreds credit cards and up to six sheets of paper at a time for efficiency, and it has overheat protection to keep it working like new. This Honeywell shredder has a handy three-function control switch that provides automatic start and stop, manual reverse and manual off options.
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    Boxis - AutoShred 100-Sheet Capacity Microcut Paper Shredder-Front_Standard

    • Model: AF100
    • SKU: 6115420
    Destroy important documents safely and securely with this Boxis AutoShred microcut shredder. The lightweight design goes where you need it, and the powerful shredder can handle stacks of up to 100 sheets in mere minutes. Reducing letter-size paper to 1500 particles, this Boxis AutoShred microcut shredder is an efficient option for busy offices.

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