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Geek Squad and Best Buy associates


Our Walk Out Working service helps get you started right with a wide range of tech products. We can transfer your contacts and data, set up your e-mail, apps, social networking and more — right in the store before you leave. See below for further details about Walk Out Working for various different devices.

For orders shipped to your home, simply bring your device and receipt to any Best Buy store to qualify for this service.

Walk Out Working Details

  • Tablet

    Tablet Setup* Includes:

    • Personal e-mail
    • Apps (up to 3)
    • Software updates
    • Social networking
    • Power management
    *Setup varies by model.
    See Customer Specialist for details.
  • Phone

    Cell Phone Setup Includes:

    For smartphones

    • Contacts and data transfer
    • Personal e-mail setup
    • Bluetooth pairing if applicable
    • Internet access
    • MMS setup

    For no-contract phone

    • Powering on your phone
    • How to add prepaid minutes

    For Bluetooth devices

    • Pairing of headset to phone
    • Showing you how to make and receive calls
    • How to add prepaid minutes
  • PCs, laptops, desktops, all-in-ones

    PC and Mac Setup Includes:

    • Initial product setup
    • Operating system overview
    • Web browser overview
    • Personal e-mail setup
    • Security software install, if applicable
    • App access and one install
    • Automatic update setup
    • File system navigation
    • Power management
    Not available in Best Buy Mobile stores.
  • Activity trackers

    Health & Fitness Device Setup Includes:

    • Ensure compatibility with your mobile device
    • Sizing adjustment
    • Install any purchased accessories
    • App tutorial: How to track data and manage health goals
  • Smart watches

    Smart Watch Setup Includes:

    • Ensure compatibility with your mobile device
    • Set up desired alert notifications
    • App store tutorial: How to add features
    • Battery-change tutorial
    • Band-resizing tutorial
    • Install any purchased accessories (e.g., interchangeable bands or Zagg Shield)
    See a Mobile Phone or Tablet Customer Specialist for details. See a Samsung Experience Store Associate for assistance with Samsung devices.