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No-Contract Phones

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Choose from a variety of phones and carriers with no long-term contracts, no activation fees and no credit checks.

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No-Contract Phones

Experience the Latest Smartphones with a No-Contract Phone Plan

No-contract phones, also referred to as prepaid cell phones, are a great option for keeping up with the latest cell phone technology without the hassle of long-term contracts, activations fees or credit checks. Paying in advance for the service, versus signing a contract, gives you the freedom to change phones and carriers when you feel like it. No-contract phones are available from popular carriers, offering reliable coverage on the go. Plus, it's easy to control your phone budget with prepaid minutes for talk, text and data.

Customize Your Options with Prepaid Phone Plans

A prepaid or no-contract phone is a flexible option for your budget and service needs. Buy your phone with a set service plan, and then add extra minutes, as needed, using a prepaid phone card for talk, text and/or data, including international calls. Some options also allow you to use a compatible phone as a mobile hotspot. With prepaid phone plans, you'll never be surprised by a large bill that includes overage charges.

Choose the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plan to Fit Your Needs

The upfront cost of a no-contract phone can often be more than a phone that is purchased through a traditional two-year contract. This is because you’re paying the full price of the device right away without any contract discounts, subsidies by the carrier, or payment plans. However, prepaid phone plans provide the flexibility that traditional phone plans don’t offer. You'll find pay-as-you-go carriers from AT&T GoPhone, Verizon Wireless Prepaid and Tracfone. Other popular carrier options include Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Lastly, no-contract phones, including both prepaid basic and prepaid smartphones, are available from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and more.