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Logitech - Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers (6-Piece) - Black

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Enjoy rich, lush audio with these surround sound speakers that feature 75W RMS power. A down-firing, ported subwoofer with a 5-1/2" driver controls powerful sound. The dedicated bass controller lets you customize the bass level to your liking.

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    What's Included

    • 4 satellite speakers, center-channel speaker, subwoofer
    • Accessory cables
    • Color-coded speaker cables
    • Owner's manual

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    93% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1205 out of 1301)


    101W total system power

    75W RMS power and a 26W subwoofer provide powerful audio.

    4 satellite speakers

    Along with a center-channel speaker offer immersive sound.

    Down-firing, ported subwoofer with a 5-1/2" driver

    Delivers deep bass tones.

    Compatible with a variety of devices

    Including computers, music players, TVs, DVD players and other audio sources with a 3.5mm or RCA audio output (not included).

    Also compatible with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii with a console A/V cable (not included).

    Volume controls

    Let you control the volume level.

    3D stereo sound

    Provides rich surround sound.

    Dedicated bass controller

    Lets you dial the bass up or down to customize your listening experience.

    3.5mm auxiliary input and headphone output

    Along with A/V connectivity for simple input/output connections.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1301 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews



    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Pretty good set of speakers

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I usually don't write reviews for products on here, but I felt compelled to after receiving the Logitech Z506 surround sound system. ***UPDATE*** (at the bottom) PROS: ~SUPER easy to set-up, everything matches up by color. ~Sound quality is superb compared to a lot of systems in this price range, especially for a 5.1 system. ~Base is FANTASTIC! I honestly can't get over how awesome the subwoofer is, and best of all -- NO DISTORTION! ~Since this is a tweeted system, you don't get distortion from the speakers like you would with a lot of other systems in this price range. ~RCA capable (meaning you can directly connect it to your Audio Out on the back of the TV). ~The ported down idea Logitech did for the subwoofer truely does make it fill the room (even at >50watts). ~Great bang for the buck. CONS: ~Wires can be a bit short, even for a small room. ~No controller. So if you're like me and are planning to use this in a small room, I highly recommend this system; you can't go wrong! ****UPDATE**** After having owned this system for a little over 4 months, I have decided that.....this system is still fantastic! If you're hooking this bad-boy up to a TV, simply plug the RCA (red/black) cables into the back of the subwoofer, then the other end (3.5mm headphone) to the headphone jack on your TV. Easy peezy :) If you're hooking it up to a computer, simply plug the PC wires (not sure on the technical term, but they're the green, yellow, and black cords/wires) into the back of the subwoofer, as well as your PC. To get the surround sound effect (5.1) you will need to make sure your sound software is up to date. From there right click on your "speakers" (located under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Right click on Speakers) and you can adjust your settings to 5.1. I hope this has been helpful! Go buy this system today, it's fan-freakin'-tastic!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Very impressive for $70 speakers

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      After seeing the price and the reviews, I was a bit skeptical at first; especially considering how much most people actually know about speakers and sound quality (think, Beats headphones... yuck). I install speakers and sound systems in bars and restaurants as part of my job, and I have a pretty decent 7.1 channel system for my home theater. Sound quality is pretty important to me. Anyhow... I decided to buy these on impulse after stumbling across them online. Hooking them up was simple, it took more time to unbox them than it did to actually plug everything in. After playing a variety of music, from Lindsey Stirling, Metallica, Tech N9ne, and some Lamb of God, I only have this to say: PROS: The low frequencies are delivered excellently considering this subwoofer has what appears to be a 4" driver. The box is very well engineered, and the porting/tuning really brings out the bass. I've only run into a few bass frequencies that seem to "drone" or resonate incorrectly, but I don't listen to much hip hop or house music so it shouldn't be a problem. The high frequencies are crisp and clear, with almost no distortion even at high volumes. Trebles can be a bit overpowering at times at high volume, but it's nothing a little bit of sound tweaking can't fix. Mid-range leaves a little to be desired, but it's able to play most music excellently. I may have to mess around with my EQ a little bit, but for $70 speakers, I really can't complain about having to do some tuning. CONS: The only downside I've noticed so far to these speakers is that they all have allen screws holding them together, that would be a perfect mounting point for grilles - however, Logitech didn't include any. Maybe they sell them separately, but I haven't looked yet. Overall I am very pleased with these, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an inexpensive but great sounding set of computer speakers. I upgraded from a 10 year old Harmon Kardon 2.1 system and will definitely not be going back.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



      Unboxing - So I bought this set tonight because I play a lot of video games and want to bring my video games to life, without having to wear a dang headset all the time. I was super excited and got home and set it all up, and setting it up was a snap! It was all color coded and very plug and play! There is the 3.5mm jacks and basic audio red and white connections. No hdmi or optic or any other kind of connection. Design - I have always been one to like simple speaker designs that are subtle, but these look almost kind of silly to me, there is no covers or even metal covering the speakers, it's just a thin cloth, which is a cool idea, but it's not very protective and kind of looks weird, again personal preference there. Sound - The speakers sound... OK. Nothing great, not bad, just ok. The sub is nice, but it's the only speaker set up I have had with a sub for my computer so idk what it compares to. The speakers themselves just seem like 5 cheap speakers that you would get with any new desktop, and there is supposedly small tweeters in these but I don't believe it, the little round spot on top isn't a tweeter, it just looks like one... What a waste of money and time on that one Logitech... :/ Now I do have one serious problem with mine that I'm actually planning to return them because of. There is a lot of noise coming through the speakers almost like your phone is about to ring next to speakers and it won't go away, and it's not the connection from the computer to the speakers so I think it has to do with the whole set up... So fair warning, make sure you check when you unbox these bad boys, I may just have a dud, who knows, it happens all the time. Features - Again there is only 2 types of input, 3.5mm jacks or the A/V style red and white plugs on the sub woofer. The center speaker has sort of a hooking mechanism like a webcam that allows it to sit comfortably and safely on the monitor. There is a bass knob on the back of the sub and a master volume and the on/off switch is on the front right speaker. If I'm not mistaken the last surround sound Logitech made for computer had a separate wired remote that controlled bass, treble, volume, on/off, and had a button that was called Matrix. Matrix would add a nice reverb like tone to it giving it a live feel and softened the sound making it feel surround, even though it was still stereo. But the z506 does not have this wired remote, nor does it have treble control or the matrix control... Also these speakers do not come with covers, and they can't be mounted. Yet, the last model you could do all of these things, AND they all had stands... So features is really lacking... Overall - I am not really impressed with these speakers. I love the idea of surround sound for playing my video games but these just aren't what I'm looking for. I'm no audiophile but I'm not deaf, and I know what sounds good and what's worth $100, and to me, these aren't worth the price. If you need a budget surround sound, this is you! If you just want good speakers, go with the Klipsch, that's what I'm going to get tomorrow.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Works great with my TV

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I bought this product to act a home theater setup for my 4K tv. In that regard the product has performed admirably. The base through this unit is very impressive but you do have to tinker with the setting to avoid distortion at the upper end of the adjustment range. I drilled holes in my living room floor and bought some RCA extensions so that I could put two of the satellite speakers at the back end of the room behind the sofa and love seat. I have the center speaker and the other two satellite speakers set up in the usual locations below and either side of the TV respectively. I have the unit hooked to the TV via the 3.5 mm cable and the volume control on the TV controls the volume on the speaker setup. My TV has the option to enable "surround sound". When I do I get the full sound spectrum through all of the satellite speakers instead of more of the traditional surround sound only coming from the two rear satellite speakers. I paired this speaker system with the Insignia wireless surround system (on sale for $79 at Best Buy at the moment) to create a full 7.1 surround sound system. It sound incredibly immersive and truly amazing. I spent a good hour last night streaming Dolby video through Youtube last night including THX and Atmos. Sounds beautifully. I cannot wait to try the two 4K Blu Ray movies I just bought when I get home later.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Very nice set


      this is the third set of logitech speakers i have owned (s120 and ls21 were prior) and this set blows them out of the water. the base is deep, the volume is loud and crisp, haven't hardly got mine over 1/2 volume just to see when they can do easily shake my desk the set up is pretty fast for these, just match up the right color i tried the x540, and that is why i bought these, some people saw these dont sound as good as the x540, but i disagree, i wish the appearance was a little different, but they still look nice i researched speakers for about 4 months prior before i bought these, and these were at the lot of the list the entire time the only thing that i could see people wanting is the wall mounts if you have a crowded desk, but i make it work the base control is on the back, which is not bad if you dont adjust it, i have all my speakers on the top of my desk, so the sub woofer is easy to control i just tried the 2nd input and it works just as good as the speakers i am using them on a laptop, so you dont need to use the black and the orange cable to get all speakers working there is a slight buzz when the speakers are on without playing sound, but it is taken away by hitting the power button or playing music i have owned this for about a month now and am still blown away with the sound

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great value for the price

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      This speaker system represents a great value for the price when the intended application is take into consideration. I will caveat this with the fact that I got them on sale for $69.99 and used $50 worth of RewardZone points to bring the price down to $19.99. These are not really intended to be a home theater speaker system, hence the fact that they are categorized under "Computer Speakers" on the Best Buy website. As computer speakers though, they provide a nice, full sound to a workstation area when using it for video editing and production, watching movies or playing games. If you are looking to use these in your living room, you should look into a home theater system rather than computer speakers. These will however, blow you out of your typical office prison cell. I purchased these to provide a reasonable 5.1 sound system to an editing workstation to ensure my sound was up to my expectations before rendering the final product for use in a home theater environment using real audio gear. I haven't been disappointed in them yet for this intended purpose. The connections to the PC sound jacks are at 90 degree angles so they tend to get in the way of each other on most backplanes. I would have preferred straight plugs but have made due with the right angles. If you have a separate sound card that has a single line of jacks rather than the double stack of 3 jacks for most onboard sound cards then you should not have an issue. Overall, I would recommend these for anyone needing full 5.1 sound in a very small area (~6' x 6') at a reasonable price.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      First week impressions


      After ten years with my Altec Lansing speakers, they finally dropped their amp so I decided to shop around. I was a bit hesitant to purchase this package but the reviews seemed pretty decent and the price was great. I shopped on-line but elected store pick-up on the same day which was great since I was able to replace the bad set the day it broke. The speaker set came well packed and was factory perfect from the box. The front right speaker has the power button, volume control and head-phone jack port. Its cable is a bit thick and out-muscles the light weight of the speaker but it can be managed. Be nicer if that speaker was weighted down. Differences from what I had was the Right speaker has the headphone jack but the amp does not have an individual power switch. The center channel appeared large in the photo but it does fit below the computer screen however I elected to locate it behind the screen as it is a bit over powering. The sound with the standard Windows configuration is fair but once each speaker was balanced using my on board audio software that came with the sound card on the PC, the quality was WAY BETTER and is 90% or more what I had before with the high end 4.1 Altec Lansing system. Plenty of volume for a PC set of speakers. After three days of using this product, I would definitely recommend it.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Atrocious - skip these speakers


      These speakers sounded AMAZING for World of Warcraft...but that was about it, and only if you could tolerate the incessant buzz that started within five minutes of setting them up. (Granted, I used it on a PC. Maybe they work better on a console gaming system?) The speakers butchered certain sounds - such as pianos and marimbas - and certain playback bit rates (320 Kbps). Unless it was a piano. Then any bit rate was butchered. The first set I bought was an "Open Box" item, so I thought the buzz (and the right rear speaker not working) was because someone had broken it and then returned it. I returned that one and exchanged it for a new set of the same speakers and, while the right rear speaker now worked, the buzz was back. And the pianos were still being butchered. I even moved the subwoofer so it was away from the computer tower, the outlet, and the speakers. Nothing worked. For other computer wookies out there, yes, I did play with the advanced sound options in Windows XP, made sure 5.1 Surround Sound was selected, and restarted the computer. That did not work. I tried just standard surround sound in the advanced settings and restarted the computer again. I tried just desktop stereo. By the time I was done fiddling with computer options, I had honestly restarted my computer about eight times. Still buzzing, still distorting. The speakers were returned the next morning. Kudos to Best Buy for their customer service (which was superb) and taking the speakers back. I love Logitech but these speakers were a HUGE waste of money. Do not buy them unless the only thing you're going to do is play World of Warcraft in a small room with the sound up loud enough to straighten the fur of a wookie.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews

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