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    Merkury Innovations - Firefly Mini Clip LED String Lights-Angle_Standard

    • Model: MI-LSCB5-999
    • SKU: 6111100
    Display paper crafts or treasured pictures creatively with these iridescent Merkury Innovations photo-clip string lights. The 16 removable photo clips provide flexible positioning, and the 36 iridescent LED firefly lights add a colorful glow to creative DIY home decor projects. The flexible 15-foot wire of these Merkury Innovations photo-clip string lights enables versatile placement.
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    Bright Tunes - LED String Lights with Four Bluetooth Speakers-Front_Standard

    • Model: BRT-100-BX
    • SKU: 5835813
    Deliver illumination and music with these Bright Tunes white LED lights. They have four built-in Bluetooth speakers that pick up your media device's playlists from up to 33 feet away, and the weatherproof design lets you use the lights in a variety of conditions. These Bright Tunes white LED lights use a standard socket for universal compatibility.
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    Bright Tunes - LED String Lights with Four Bluetooth Speakers-Front_Standard

    • Model: BRT-100-WU-20
    • SKU: 5835819
    Light a party and enjoy your favorite tunes with these Bright Tunes white LED lights. The strand includes four attached Bluetooth speakers that connect to compatible devices, letting you stream music from up to 33 feet away. Connect these Bright Tunes white LED lights with other standard strands for increased illumination.
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    Bright Tunes - LED String Lights with Four Bluetooth Speakers - Warm White Bulbs, Green Cord-Front_Standard

    • Model: BRT-100-GA
    • SKU: 5635809
    Decorate your place with these warm-white Bright Tunes speaker string lights. The 26-foot string holds 80 weatherproof incandescent bulbs to light up your indoor Christmas tree or open porch. The four built-in Bluetooth speakers on these Bright Tunes speaker string lights stream music wirelessly up to 33 feet from your smart gadget.
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    Bright Tunes - White String Lights with Bluetooth Speakers - Green-Front_Standard

    • Model: BRT-200-GG
    • SKU: 5255019
    Light up your music with these Innovative Technology decorative string lights with Bluetooth speakers. Eighty white incandescent lights are spread over the 26-foot green cord to deliver a sparkling highlight your festive decorations, while four built-in Bluetooth speakers wirelessly play music. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these Innovative Technology decorative string lights can be placed almost anywhere.
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    Bright Tunes - Multi String Lights with Bluetooth Speakers - Green-Front_Standard

    • Model: BRT-200-GDD-80
    • SKU: 5255022
    Brighten up your day with these Innovative Technology decorative string lights. Easy connection to your Bluetooth device allows you to stream music to these lights so that you can add a jolly spirit to any decorations. You can connect up to three of these Innovative Technology decorative string lights for a surround-sound experience.
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    Philips - Hue Lightstrip Plus Dimmable LED Smart Light - Multicolor-Front_Standard

    • Model: 800276
    • SKU: 4373913
    Add a creative glow to any corner of your space with this 6.6-foot Philips Hue LED light strip. Its multicolored, dimmable lights suit any desired ambience, and it lets you sync its movement with music or movies via third-party apps. Bend, shape and cut this Philips Hue LED light strip for flexible customization.
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    Merkury Innovations - 15 foot mini LED clip string lights-Angle_Standard

    • Model: MI-FCCB2-925
    • SKU: 5623394
    Bring beautiful illumination to your home with this set of mini LED clip string lights. The battery-powered design lets you place these lights anywhere without worrying about having an electrical outlet nearby, and included clips let you hang pictures from each light. With their versatile design, these mini LED clip strip lights can be used indoors or outdoors.
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    Nite Ize - SlapLit™ LED Slap Wrap - Neon Yellow-Front_Standard

    • Model: SLP2-33-R3
    • SKU: 6225268
    Increase your visibility while running at night with this Nite Ize SlapLit arm wrap. It emits a bright LED light that's easy to activate before you start.
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    Goal Zero - Luna Touch LED Light-Front_Standard

    • Model: 14104
    • SKU: 5854003
    Illuminate small areas efficiently with this Goal Zero Luna Touch LED light. It plugs into any USB port or Goal Zero power pack for portable operation, and you control the light by simply touching the end. This Goal Zero Luna Touch LED light has a low power draw to create a lasting light source.
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    Panther Vision - POWERCAP 35/55 Lined Fleece Beanie - Dark Gray-Front_Standard

    • Model: CUBWB-7677
    • SKU: 6028107
    Light the way with this POWERCAP LED lighted beanie. Powered by four LED lights, this wearable hands-free flashlight projects more than 48 lumens to illuminate your path up to 72 feet ahead. The fleece exterior and moisture-wicking lining of this POWERCAP LED lighted beanie keep your head warm and dry.
  12. 12.
    Panther Vision - Geek Squad POWERCAP LED Lined Fleece Beanie - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: CUBWB-4553-GEEK
    • SKU: 6162205
    Keep your head warm and the path in front of you lit with this Geek Squad winter beanie. Four LED lights provide over 48 lumens, illuminating your way up to 72 feet while creating ample lighting for closeup tasks. Combining a moisture-wicking lining and an easy-access switch in the band, this black Geek Squad winter beanie is an ideal partner for cold winter evenings.
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    Dorcy - 30 Lumen LED Replacement Bulb-Front_Standard

    • Model: 41-1643
    • SKU: 5526233
    Get your flashlight shining again with this 3-volt Dorcy LED replacement bulb. It lasts for 10 years and provides up to 100,000 hours of light at 30 lumens, extending the life of your flashlight. This long-lasting Dorcy LED replacement bulb is compatible with any flashlight that uses a C, D or two AA batteries.
  14. 14.
    Dorcy - 40-Lumen LED Replacement Bulb-Front_Standard

    • Model: 41-1644
    • SKU: 5526320
    Keep on shining with this Dorcy LED replacement bulb. The 4.5V bulb is compatible with any 3V, 4V or 6V lantern, reviving your existing tools, and its 40-lumen beam lights up for up to 100,000 hours. Get more life out of your portable lighting with this Dorcy LED replacement bulb.
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    GVB Gear - Mini LED Video Light-Front_Standard

    • Model: GVBOCL30
    • SKU: 6119203
    Take clear pictures with this GVB Gear mini video light. It has 30 LED bulbs for bright illumination and connects to a USB port for convenient recharging.

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