Bose® - Companion® 20 Multimedia Speaker System (2-Piece) - White

Enjoy full, natural sound from your desktop or laptop computer, or tablet, from just 2 speakers. Bring more life to your music, games and videos, with wide natural sound reproduced by exclusive TrueSpace® signal processing.

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What's Included

  • Bose® Companion® 20 Multimedia Speaker System (2-Piece)
  • Speaker cable, audio input cable, AC power cord
  • Control pod
  • Owner's manual

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
94% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (569 out of 607)


2 speakers

With an advanced port design and drivers for powerful low-note performance.

TrueSpace® stereo digital processing circuitry

Along with integrated signal processing helps ensure lifelike audio.

Active electronic equalization

Ensures balanced low, midrange and high frequencies for full, natural sound.

Compatible with most desktops, laptops and tablets

For wide-ranging connection options.

Control pod

Features a rotational volume control and a single-touch mute so you can change the volume level to suit your needs. Headphone jack and audio input let you connect your headphones or an audio device.

Compact design

Offers a stylish appearance to complement your décor.

Overall customer rating

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars with 607 reviews

94%of customers would recommend this to a friend



Most helpful reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    very good speakers, highly recomend


    Value for price, these speakers are a good value. I've listened to some highly touted desktop speakers like Audioengine A5's for example, and the Bose C20's blow them away. The Audioengine A5's are $325 a pair in basic black, so much for value, Bose C20's win. Sound quality, highs and mids are excellent, well dispersed and clear respectively. Bass is always a problem for small speakers, and the C20's preform well above average in this area. For rock, pop, country and most program material their bass is just fine. However, for material like ambient music: Biosphere, Solar Fields, Brian Eno to name a few, the C20's while pretty good, won't out preform or equal a good floor standing speaker with dual eight inch woofers. However, one can listen to material with really deep bass and have a good experience. These speakers have very good dynamics for their size and produce room filling sound. Compatibility, no issues here, they will work with anything. Appearance, they look great Over all, like I said, very good speakers, highly recomend, glad I bought them.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Nervous to buy without reviews but glad I did


    I just listened to Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 and I'm in heaven. Great clarity of instruments, balance, very realistic sounding. I've been listening to a wide range of music and it all sounds good. OK, you won't get the thumping bass of a subwoofer but the bass is more than adequate. The "natural sound" does sound a little different than other speakers.I wasn't sure about it at first, especially with pop and rock, but now i don't think it takes away from the accuracy of the music andI I got used to it and started loving every song. Big gripe - cord from speaker to computer too short - barely 4 feet. I moved my tower until I decide if I'm going to get a longer one. Nice speakers, reasonable size, pod to control volume easy to use. And yes, Bose is expensive, there are cheaper speakers out there that sound great but overall I am happy with my purchase.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



    The Bose® Companion® 20 Multimedia Speaker System are the best 2-piece speakers that I have ever heard. The sound is just unbelieveable! I am able to hear sounds in songs that I haven't heard before. I compared these speakers to the Companion® 2 series II speakers and there is a huge difference. First of all, the Companion® 2 speakers have very little bass compared to the Companion® 20's. The 20's have amazing bass thanks to its advanced port design (see product pictures). Once you hear these speakers, you will be searching the floor for a subwoofer when really there isn't one! The Companion® 2 speakers were made for someone who will be sitting right in front of their computer and speakers. That is why it doesn't sound good when you're not close to the speakers. But, the Companion® 20 speakers have been designed so that you can enjoy the sound when you are sitting in front of the speakers, or even when you are across the room (see product video). Next, the Companion® 20 speakers are very well built. They don't feel cheap at all! You can notice that Bose® has used the best materials for it. Also, the control pod makes it very easy to change the volume, mute the sound, connect headphones, and to connect another device via the AUX input. These speakers will blow you away with its sound quality. If you are unsure about buying this product, go to your local Best Buy and listen to them. Also, compare them to other brands. This will help you appreciate the Bose® speakers more. You will also see the Companion® 5 speaker system at Best Buy. The only difference in them is that the they have more bass and that is because it comes with a separate subwoofer. But the problem is that the price is $400!! I wouldn't want a seperate subwoofer because the Companion® 20's have very good bass and they will be easier to move around or to take somewhere else. Whereas the Companion® 5, you will need to carry a huge subwoofer if you want to take the speakers somewhere. Overall, I would highly recommend these speakers because they are the best speakers you will find for $250. I've been a Bose® fan for a long time and I always will be one. Bose® is the best brand you can go to for sound. If you don't belive this, go to their website and see the large variety of Bose® products. Also, research the company's history. The company started in the 1960's whereas other known companies like Beats® by dr.dre have started in like 2004. This show how long Bose® has been improving their sound for all of their products. I hope this review was helpful and you won't go wrong buying these speakers.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Speakers


    I just purchased these Bose speakers. I was very impressed with the sounds these speakers make the sound is very clear, and the bass is remarkable astonish. I would recommend these speakers to anyone who are looking for great sound. I really don't regret getting these speakers. I actually love them.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Plenty of bass for me (read more)

    • My Best Buy® Member

    I bought the Bose Companion 20 in the store earlier this evening. Read every review posted on this website while in the store. I listen to the set at different volumes from different angles. At home, for aesthetics, I put the speakers inside a 1941 model Philo radio in my living room. They are sitting directly on a wood floor, with a sheet rock wall behind them, the wood of the radio cabinet on the sides, and wood and cloth of the same in front. I connected the speakers to a portable CD player and listened to, Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saints (Brazilian percussion , circa 1990), Surprise (A mix of folk with Brian Eno electronica, circa 2004), the first few tracks off the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack (1971), and as I type I’m listening to the soundtrack to Schindler’s List (1993). I walked around the living room, the kitchen, other rooms, and the floor below. Bass? Plenty of bass. I’m sitting eight feet away on a sofa, four feet off center, and I’m feeling the bass from a cello, an actual bass, and the low notes on a clarinet. I’m not feeling it vibrate off the floor (my feet are up) I’m feeling it through the air. On the Paul Simon songs, and even Willy Wonka, if I lived in an apartment the downstairs neighbors would be calling be right now saying, “That’s great that you’ve got a golden ticket, but turn it down wild man.” It is plenty loud for my needs. If anything I would like a little less bass. Not enough bass for some reviewers? Well I guess if you are one of those members of society who, when six cars behind me at a stop light wants to make sure everyone knows just how much you like the song your listening to, and you have it up so loud that I can feel the bass from your car stereo in my teeth, then maybe for you this isn’t enough bass. Run on sentence? The treble is fine. I can hear when Itzhak Perlman (violinist) leans towards the microphone and when he drifts back. If I wanted to throw the rugs into the fireplace and clear the floor to dance, 52 Girls and Planet Z would still rock the house. I have no EQ or amp, just straight from the grandchild of a Sony Walkman plugged into the back of the speakers. Better compression rate than MP3 but still nothing to tweak. Also, remember, I don’t have these at desk level or ear level. They are on the floor and muted a bit because they are in the radio cabinet. Now I’m listening to Nocturno played by John Williams (Not the same John Williams from Schindler’s List). It’s Spanish/classical guitar. No other instruments and no vocals. I dialed back the volume and I’m still getting bass at all the right spots. The rest of the work is clean. By that I mean it’s not like some systems where everything is polluted with bass (Note to self: It would be great to play just one song as well as John Williams. Just one). So now that we’ve spent the evening together, what would you like to listen to next? Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, you say? Yes, of course. Let’s start with a Taste of Honey. While I’m up would you like something to drink? Maybe Blue Raspberry soda from Kroger or Swedish sparkling apple juice from Ikea? No? Okay well maybe there something in your kitchen you’ll like. I’m on track 4, Bittersweet Samba. Sounds good. No escaping the bass. My feet are on the floor and I can feel it. I when outside to the far end of the back porch (It isn’t that far) and yes, the bass tracked me down and smacked me with its fins (Bass the fish. Fish have fins. A pun, get it?). So what else do you want to know? The volume controller is nice. It has a white light about the size of a pinhole that shines when the speakers are on. This will help you find it in the dark. The volume dial is nice and smooth. It can turn down to a whisper and into several degrees of silence. No numbers on the dial. No way to know how loud the sound will be when turning it on. Turning it on doesn’t require any turning. It requires lightly pressing the top of the controller. FYI – if you’re having a bad day, listen to some Herb Albert. It’s like wearing plaid pants. You can’t have a band time if you’re wearing plaid paints and you can’t have a bad time listening to Herb Albert. Well, I guess that’s it. Final thoughts? People who say it doesn’t have enough bass never say WHAT they are listening to so it really doesn’t matter. If you listen to the albums I mentioned, and I would be surprised to learn that anyone reading this has the same tastes, but if you do have plenty of bass. Is it worth the price? Sounds great in the store and the Bose people are smart enough to set up their display next to speakers by other manufactures that sink. Either that or, like the store I was in tonight, Boss was only display working. I couldn’t listen to the speakers that were $100 less. Okay I’ve said enough. I’ve been playing music for an hour and 45 minutes and I could keep playing music for another hour and 45 minutes. I’m not proud or tired. But enough with the Arlo Guthrie references that no one understands. I haven’t checked any of this for spelling or grammar errors, but I’m living on the wild side tonight and using my real name so this review it’s going on my permitted digital record. You will never get the time back that it took you to read this review.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Simply Amazing!!!

    • My Best Buy Premier Silver Member

    I bought these for my iMac and I am amazed. I did not read any reviews because I wanted to get what I thought sounded good. And these do! The bass is amazing for just 2 speakers and the sound, crystal clear. I listen to hard rock music and I found no issues that the "1 star reviewer" reported. If you want high end sound from your computer and media, get these. Bose has proven again they are the leader in sound.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



    Very pleased with quality of speakers and its control pod. Highly recommend.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Surround sound fills my room

    • My Best Buy Premier Silver Member

    Awesome sound quality. Fills the room with deep base and clear high notes. Attached to my iMac in seconds. Love the control pod.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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