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NETGEAR - Orbi AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System (2-pack) - White-Front_Standard
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    • Best answerThe Orbi will cover up to 4000 sq ft and will use one wifi name. Orbi will automatically shift your device from each device depending on what gives the strongest signal.

      By Doug 

  • Q: do you have to have an internet service before this will bring in the wi fi  (10 Answers)

    By momalock 

    • Best answerThe two answers claiming you need Internet service to use this device are nonsense - but they might be the right answer for what the person was trying to ask. NO, you don't need Internet service to use the device. When you brush aside all the hype, this is just a Wi-Fi Access Point, a Router (aka Network Switch) and a Wi-Fi Range Extender. You COULD set it up without any Internet connection and it would still work perfectly to connect your computers together in an ordinary Local Area Network. The computers will be able to share data over the network via either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. BUT they will only be able to access each other. This device will not magically create Internet access for your computers or other devices.

      By TomC 

  • Q: does this replace my current router or work with it?  (11 Answers)

    By alexa 

    • Best answerYou can plug this into your current router. This can then become a "bridge" unit and the wireless remote satellite extends the range - they come as a kit - base and satellite. I found my existing router WIFI was slow, and rather than upgrade through the Verizon people, I just plugged this into my existing router I have as part of my package....wired speed from Verizon router is good, but WIFI speeds aren't great - this solves the problem. Great unit, not disappointing at all.

      By stevefromtheburbs 

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  • Q: If you still have to have Internet service what do I need this thing for I already have a router  (10 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerThe Orbi system creates a WiFi mesh network for up to 4,000 sq. ft. of seamless WiFi coverage, eliminating the need for extenders and reducing the number of dead zones. It supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and offers Beamforming as well as AC3000 capabilities for improved performance over all connected devices. If you’d like help deciding if the Orbi system is right for your specific needs, please email us at and we’d be happy to help.

      By NetgearTeam 

  • Q: I currently have the Netgear NightHawk router. Will this be better than that, and should I get rid of that one?  (10 Answers)

    By Freddy 

    • Best answerOrbi is better than Nighthawk. I just got Orbi and am giving my Nighthawk to my son. In my house, the Orbi provides much better whole house performance than the NIghthawk did, particularly in the bonus room built over the garage, off-set to the rest of the house and surrounded by walls and stairwell. I put the satellite up there and the main Orbi unit on the main floor. For my downstairs internet is vastly improved over the Nighthawk. I have to have the main Orbi not in an ideal loation on th emiddle level because of the ethernet tie-in to the modem and distribution box, but there are now no slow or dead spots downstairs. Instructions say to put it direcdtly into the modem, but mine is hardwired into a distribution box in a storage closet and there is no electrical plug even close to it so I just used one of the two working ethernet outlets and it works fine. And btw, the NIghthawk was a big improvement over the previous Netgear router I used, which was top of the line at the time, but for my multi-level home I needed something better so for Orbi to out-do Nighthawk buy wuite a margin is saying something.. Two other things not related to performance. The Orbi really just LOOKS better and the NIghthawk, as cool as it looked and as easy as it was to adjust the ant., it gathered dust and here in Hawaii, the dust is Hawaiian red dirt. So this will be much easier to maintain. Set-up was very fast and my Sonos system picked it up instantly so I did not have to reset each speaker. separately which was terrific. I do have to reset my Ring Doorbell and the chimes individually but will do that today. So far, so good. Terrific product. Looks good in the house but REALLY has improved the performance on all three levels. I do not think I will need a downstairs satellite for the house unless I need to extend range in the back yard, but I will have to test that out as I use the yard. Bravo, Orbi

      By gARY 

    • Best answerFunny you should ask as I just set up mine this past week. Initially, I had the TWC Arris TG1672 Router and was getting very slow speeds from the Orbi so I got rid of the TWC router and, in its place, put in a Netgear CM600 modem. I've got quite the set up with the Modem connected to the Orbi and the Orbi is connected to a pretty serious network switch which has a printer, Hue hub, Iris hub, a Mac, a Digital Storm PC, Sonos system, Vonage (soon to be Ooma) VoIP phone system and, finally, a Sprint Airave box connected to the switch. On the wireless end, I've got three Smart TVs, two IPads, two IPhones, a Macbook and two cameras utilizing the Orbi Satellite. The speed from the Orbi router and Satellite blazes. I'm now getting an average of 117.5 Mbps download and 11-16 Mbps upload from both the Orbi router and the satellite. I have the TWC 100 meg package. The distance is impressive as well as I can connect to my home network three blocks away and this is in an older home with stucco walls which eats WiFi and cell signals for breakfast. So, to make a long answer longer, you shouldn't have any issues once you go through the set up. If you have phone service with TWC, make sure you keep the service until you port over your numbers with the new service.

      By Hedlite56 

  • Q: Can you use with comcast.  (10 Answers)

    By Tk 

    • Best answerI'm currently using it on my comcast modem daisy chained to this router with on issues. I have heard that Comcast in bigger city's spiking the lines that would disable extended routers like these but I haven't had any issues or slow downs.

      By MikeElectronicBuff 

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  • Q: You are saying this device will increase AT&T u verse wifi speed?  (10 Answers)

    By Beaver 

    • Best answerNo, it will increase the speed at which data is transferred from the provider to your computers on the network. If you are subscribed to an ISP providing only 3.5Mb/s it will still only be 3.5Mb/s at most, split between each device utilizing the data. The purpose of the router is to maximize the rate at which you can access the provide data, since each additional device slows done the network.

      By 3dpenguin 

    • Best answerYou don't have to use FiOS r router for wifi. I just connect my night hawk router via Ethernet to my FiOS router. Log in to FiOS router and turn off their wifi and use wifi on the better router instead. Thus goes for any better router not just orbi. I have used this setup for years. FiOS tries to sell you a better router for a monthly fee when all you need to do is hook up your own and turn off their wifi on theirs and only use their for hard wired routing.

      By NighthawkFiOSuser 

    • Best answerDont need to disable router but you should turn off the wireless radio. My network also has a modem/router combo.

      By Dleach3749 

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