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The 6th Day [Blu-ray] [2000]

Release Date:04/08/2008
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In this science-fiction thriller set in the very near future, DNA cloning has been perfected and has become an accepted part of everyday life -- cattle and fish are cloned for sale at the market, genetically engineered fruit and vegetables are found in most family's kitchens (nacho-flavored bananas, anyone?), and if your pet dies, you can even order a cloned replacement. But laws have been passed that strictly forbid the cloning of human beings. However, helicopter pilot Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who believes people should live and die the old-fashioned way, discovers that someone has been violating these regulations. After Adam luckily avoids being on a copter that crashes, he comes home to discover someone has duplicated him. Now Adam is on a mission to find out who cloned him and why, as he struggles to take back his life from a scientifically created impostor, his boss Michael Drucker (Tony Goldwyn), and a pair of thugs (Sarah Wynter and Rod Rowland) who have been cloned into near-indestructibility. The 6th Day also stars Robert Duvall as cloning expert Griffin Weir, Michael Rooker as Drucker's right-hand man Robert Marshall, and Michael Rapaport as Adam's partner, Hank Morgan.~Mark Deming


Showtime special: The Future Is Coming

Storyboard comparisons and animatics

Repet infomercial and tv spot

On the 6th Day...9 behind the scenes featurettes: "Another Way to Fly", "Finding Sim Pal Cindy", "The Art of the Chase", "Over the Cliff", "Virtual Girlfriend", "In the Tank", "Free Falling", "Detonation", "Enhancing the Look"

Enhanced for D-box motion control system