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Buying a garbage disposal.

Choosing the best garbage disposal: Benefits.

There are many benefits to a garbage disposal, which is also referred to as a sink garbage disposal or kitchen disposal. Mounted on the underside of your sink, a garbage disposal is designed to collect food waste in a chamber and grind it into tiny pieces. This process can save you time after meals and money because you’re buying fewer trash bags. It can also reduce toxic odors in your kitchen and lingering odors in your garbage can. A sink disposal also doesn’t attract unwanted insects and rodents that rotting food scraps in a plastic bag can.

A sink disposal is also generally easy to maintain. Occasionally, it might require a few ice cubes to sharpen the impeller and you might have to flush baking soda and/or vinegar through it to eliminate smells, but, for the most part, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.  

When selecting the best garbage disposal for you, you’ll want to consider feed type, motor size and noise level. Regarding types of disposals, a continuous feed allows you to throw food scraps inside, which it grinds, and you can conveniently turn it on and off with a wall switch. Another type is a batch feed, which can be viewed as a safe option because it requires you to close the stopper before the blades activate. This makes it impossible to turn while your hand is in the drain.

The size of a kitchen disposal’s motor is rated by horsepower (hp) and ranges from 1/3 hp to 1 hp. Generally, a 1/3 hp or ½ hp garbage disposal is sufficient for smaller households. If you’re going to be breaking down hard vegetables and small bones, a ¾ hp garbage disposal would be a good fit. The larger 1 hp garbage disposal is well-suited for large households that will be using it a lot. If you’re concerned about how much noise it’ll make, consider a model that includes noise insulation.  

Garbage disposal installation: What you should know.

Once you’ve picked out the best garbage disposal for your family, consider how you want it installed. A sink disposal can be installed in a single or a double sink. It can also be coordinated with a built-in dishwasher, which will pump the discarded water and food particles into the sink disposal, which will then go out through the drain pipe. With all types of installation, you’ll need a mounting flange in the sink, which is included with most garbage disposals.

If you’re replacing an existing garbage disposal, it can be easier than installing one that wasn’t there before because a new sink disposal requires some basic electrical wiring and plumbing skills. If you’re not comfortable tackling either installation task, you can count on a professional Geek Squad® agent to take care of garbage disposal installation for you.

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