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  1. Chamberlain - myQ Smart Garage Control - White

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  2. Wyze - Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p HD Smart Garage Door Opener and Security Camera - White

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Buying a garage door opener.

Advantages of smart garage door openers.

Integrating a smart garage door opener into your home could be the best thing you do this week. These handy devices enable you to use a smartphone to open and close your garage door remotely from just about anywhere in the world. So, you can let in your pet sitter while you’re away, give a friend or relative access to your garage storage while you’re at work and, of course, park your car with ease. Plus, with a connected garage door opener, you'll never worry about losing an opener remote.

The best garage door opener designs can also enhance your home security solutions and work well with smart home systems. Check device compatibility if you want to integrate your new garage door opener with other smart home or security devices, such as security lighting, smart door locks and security cameras around your property.

How to prepare for garage door opener installation.

To install a smart garage door opener, you can run ethernet cables to the garage opener for a wired connection or you can connect your garage door opener via Wi-Fi. Since garages often receive a fainter Wi-Fi signal than the rest of the house, you may want to use a Wi-Fi extender to lengthen the reach of your router coverage or enjoy the perks of mesh Wi-Fi. Mesh Wi-Fi incorporates a main router and a series of satellite nodes strategically placed around your house.

You can install the network yourself, but if you're not up to it, Best Buy’s smart home services will help you out. They can also assist with the installation of a wall-mount garage door opener. If you plan on managing your Wi-Fi garage door opener with a voice assistant like Google Home or Alexa, read more about how to set up your smart home.

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