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Analyze This/Analyze That [DVD]

Release Date:09/18/2007
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Everyone's favorite neurotic mafia boss (with the possible exception of Tony Soprano) is out of prison and back on the couch in this sequel to the hit comedy Analyze This. Ever since he ended up behind bars, mob leader Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro) has been in sad shape, alternately weeping like a child and singing favorite tunes from West Side Story. Fearful of his emotional stability, prison officials release Vitti into the custody of his psychiatrist, Dr. Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal), but this is far more responsibility than Sobel wants -- he's having troubles with his family after the recent death of his father, also an analyst, and has been overworked since taking over his late father's practice. Sobel becomes even more exasperated when he learns Vitti will be moving into his home, which is especially upsetting for Sobel's wife, Laura (Lisa Kudrow). As Sobel tries to get to the root of Vitti's problems -- which are very much real, even if he was faking his symptoms behind bars -- he tries to help Vitti find a straight job, which is hardly easy for a man of his temperament. And adding to all this confusion, several members of Vitti's old crew are after him, determined to insure that he doesn't pass along any incriminating information. Analyze That also features Cathy Moriarty-Gentile, Joseph Viterelli, and baseball legend Yogi Berra.~Mark Deming


Analyze This:

Widescreen [16x9 1.85:1] version

2 commentaries: one by Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro, the other by director/co-writer Harold Ramis

Gag reel


Theatrical trailer

Subtitles: English (main feature, bonus material/trailer may not be subtitled)

Analyze That:

Commentary by Harold Ramis

M.A.D.E. challenge: test whether you have what it takes to be a mobster

Feature The Making of Analyze That

DVD-ROM PC enhanced features

Languages: English & Français (dubbed in Quebec)

Subtitles: English, Français & Español (main feature, bonus material/trailer may not be subtitled)