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Annie Hall [DVD] [1977]

Release Date:05/30/2000
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Woody Allen's greatest popular and critical success gets a by-the-numbers DVD release from MGM. Excluding the film's theatrical trailer, there aren't any extras to speak of, but at least Annie Hall has been intelligently divided into digital chapters for easy access to favorite scenes. Considering editor Ralph Rosenblum's vivid cutting on Annie Hall, this must have taken some thought and care. While Annie Hall was one of MGM's earlier DVD releases, the lack of extras is most probably due to Allen's reluctance to revisit any of his movies; the eccentric filmmaker is famous for never watching his own movies once he is finished with them and claims that he has no special fondness for Annie Hall even though it swept the 1977 Academy Awards. The DVD features the movie in its original widescreen aspect ratio but it hasn't been converted to the superior anamorphic format, which can improve the picture quality by roughly 33 percent. While Gordon Willis' justly acclaimed cinematography still looks beautiful here, this oversight is strange considering that other Allen titles such as Manhattan come in anamorphic widescreen. The audio transfer conforms to the original sound of the picture and has been transferred to Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono. While this isn't the definitive DVD release of this brilliant and trend-setting romantic comedy it is still preferable to the video version.


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