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Gilligan's Island: The Complete Second Season [6 Discs] [DVD]

Release Date:04/03/2012
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Gilligan's Island enters its second season with two small but significant changes: the series, previously filmed in black and white, is now in color, and regulars Russell Johnson (the Professor) and Dawn Wells (Mary Ann), have been promoted to full starring status, right along with top-billed Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale Jr. (the Skipper, too), Jim Backus (the Millionaire), Natalie Schafer (and his wife), and Tina Louise (the movie star). Otherwise, it's business as usual, with the seven castaways industriously making a home-away-from-home of their tropical island prison, but never tiring of seeking various ways and means of returning home to civilization. As before, although the seven principals seem to be permanently marooned, a number of guest stars manage to find their way on and off the island. This years' crop of "visitors" includes Nehemiah Persoff as deposed Latin American dictator Pancho Rodriguez, Richard Kiel as a towering ghost, Vito Scotti (who showed up in the previous season as a Japanese soldier) in the role of mad scientist Dr. Boris Balinkoff, and the singing group the Wellingtons (who, of course, also perform the ballad that opens each episode) as three members of a mop-topped rock quartet called "the Mosquitoes." Gilligan's Island also becomes a family affair from time to time during season two, with regular Jim Backus' wife, Henny Backus, and star Bob Denver's son Patrick Denver making cameo appearances.



Season introduction by Russell Johnson and creator/producer Sherwood Schwartz

Commentary on The Little Dictator (episode #3) by Schwartz