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South Park: The Complete Seventh Season [Blu-ray] [2 Discs]

Release Date:12/19/2017
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Kenny's back, and the producers are sick of killing him off, so they don't, so there. Otherwise, it's business as usual for the South Park kids as the series enters its seventh season. This year's batch of episodes includes "Cancelled" (Earth's ratings are in trouble, what with flashbacks and alien wrecking crews); "Krazy Kripples" (the one with the handicapped street gangs, and Christopher Reeve on a flagpole); "Toilet Paper" (conscience makes cowards of us all, but Kyle doesn't need any help); "I'm a Little Bit Country" (celebrating the series' 100th episode with Cartman upsetting the time-space continuum in 1776); "Fatt Butt and Pancake Head" (J-Lo and Ben Affleck invade South Park); "Lil' Crime Stoppers" (the "junior detectives" break up a meth lab); "Red Man's Greed" (beware of SARS-contaminated blankets and the noble Indian brave "Premise Running Thin"); "South Park Is Gay" (actually, it's infested with Crab People and Metro-Phobics); "Christian Rock Hard" (Cartman's band 'Faith + 1' plays "Christ-Fest"); "Grey Dawn" (the revenge of the Senior Motorists, as AARP declares martial law); "Casa Bonita" (meteors and the Mexican Disneyland are involved when Butters disappears); "All About the Mormons?" ("Dum dum dum dum" vs. "Smart smart smart smart"); "Butt Out" (Rob Reiner stops eating long enough to help the kids take on Big Tobacco); "Raisins" (a broken-hearted Stan goes goth, and Butters goes to a pre-pube "Hooters"); and "It's Christmas in Canada" (with Mounties, Newfies, and Saddam's hand-picked hand puppet).~Hal Erickson