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Air America [Special Edition] [DVD] [1990]

Release Date:11/24/2009
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Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. play a couple of what-the-hell flyboys flying contraband to Laos during the Vietnam War. Gibson doesn't seem to care about anything but the "guts and glory" aspects of the job, but Downey has serious questions about the moral implications of their mission. When a Laotian general expresses more concern over the wellbeing of an opium shipment than the men who are risking life and limb to fly it in, Gibson comes around to Downey's way of thinking. By film's end, Gibson is stuck in one of those character-building dilemmas so common to films of this nature: should he deliver his cache of weaponry, or should he dump it all to rescue a bunch of refugees?~Hal Erickson



Audio commentary by co-writer/co-producer John Eskow

"Pre-flight: the storyboards of Air America" featurette

"Flight log" featurette

"Return flight: revisiting Air America" retrospective featurette

Theatrical trailer