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Angel Heart [Special Edition] [DVD] [1987]

Release Date:05/18/2004
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Alan Parker's Angel Heart has built a cult following, and this Special Edition DVD of the film from Lion's Gate will easily satisfy that audience. The film itself is presented in its original widescreen aspect ratio of 1.85:1. The English soundtrack does a fine job of presenting the original material. The copious supplemental materials include a feature-length commentary recorded by Alan Parker. He comments at great length on the performers and is full of anecdotal information about the making of the film, although he occasionally lapses into silence, saying he has not watched the film for quite some time. A scene-specific commentary by Mickey Rourke reveals that he did almost no research for the part and agreed to do it mostly because he admired Parker's Midnight Express. A handful of featurettes on voodoo, an introduction by Parker, an interview with Rourke in which he discusses his entire career (while holding onto his pet dog), and making-of featurettes created at the time of the original production all add flavor to this solid release.



Newly remastered widescreen feature

5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital Sound

New interview and DVD introduction by director Alan Parker

New interview and selected scene commentary by Mickey Rourke

Vodoun Truths: A collection of new documentaries discussing the facts, history, and beliefs of Voodoo. Includes "New Orleans Voodoo Connection" (history of Voodoo in New Orleans); "Voodoo...the Truth" (a look at Voodoo in the media); "Dance as Worship" (the meaning of dance and music in Voodoo); "Voodoo Macumba Dance Ensemble" (authentic extended dance sequences); "Ashé!" (an informational look at the African Spirit Forces [Orisha] and some Voodoo Loa).

Original production behind-the-scenes footage

Original director commentary

Original production featurettes

Spanish and English subtitles