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Buying a GPS Fishfinder

Choosing the Best Fishfinder or Depth Finder

If you want to catch a lot of fish, the first step is finding out where they're hiding. A portable fishfinder makes it easier to hook the next big one.

Before you buy a fishfinder or depth finder, you'll want to consider the different types of features that best meet your needs, including frequencies, wattage and display specifications. Higher frequencies work best in shallow water, where they provide detailed resolution and less background noise on the screen. Lower frequencies are the best choice for fishing in deeper water, where you'll need a broader range.

The power of your fishfinder is represented in watts. If you're fishing in shallow water, a lower wattage will be enough to meet your needs. For deeper water, you'll need higher watts.

For screen resolution, a higher pixel count provides clearer details and a better representation of what's below your boat. A larger screen size allows you to see more information on a split screen. You can choose between a black-and-white or color display.

Marine GPS and Accessories

Besides a marine GPS for boating and fishing, you may find it helpful to carry a marine radio and battery pack onboard to access emergency weather channels for current alerts.

Other accessories you might like include a marine stereo to listen to tunes while you're out on the water and boat lights with LED strips for stylish decoration.


If you need help installing your boat electronics, our Geek Squad® Agents can help. Our marine installation services can make it easier to get your boat ready for enjoying your time out on the water.