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Buying babyproofing items.

Babyproofing your house.

Preparing for a baby’s arrival requires more than picking out nursery furniture, loading up on diapers and buying a baby monitor. Baby proofing your home is a must if you have small children or expect to have little ones visiting you.

The first step in babyproofing your home, or making it child-friendly, is to remove any small objects from the ground that children could choke on. Put them in out-of-reach locations, such as higher up on shelves or in drawers or cabinets that you can babyproof. Second, make sure all of your electrical outlets have child safety covers to prevent wee ones from being curious with their fingers if they wander away from playing with their baby toys.

Next, put childproof locks on drawers and cabinets that have anything inside that you don’t want children to access. Focus especially on spaces where you keep chemical cleaners, sharp objects, or potential choking hazards. It’s also important to consider whether you have anything unsteady, such as a bookshelf or flat-screen television, which might tip over if pulled or climbed on by a child. Secure wall mounts and anti-tip kits for furniture will help these items stay in place and prevent avoidable accidents.

Another way to ensure your baby’s safety is by installing baby gates at the top and bottom of all stairways. If children are just visiting, you could use a temporary gate that expands and stays in place by exerting pressure against the wall. But if you are setting up a more long-term arrangement, you might want to choose a permanent safety gate that screws into the wall and can only be bypassed by using a childproof handle. For rooms that you don’t want or need to completely babyproof because they have doors restricting access, you can further ensure that they are kept off limits by using a childproof lock for doors on the handle.

Use smart technology to childproof indoors and outdoors.

When babies become more mobile and start to crawl, baby play yards with sides give your little one room to explore while keeping them out of harm’s way. Before you know it, infants grow into toddlers, and it’s not too early to start thinking about ways to prevent unsupervised entry and exit from any part of the house. Thanks to modern technology, you can now set up Wi-Fi-enabled door and window alarms that alert you when they are opened. If you have a pool, make sure there is a surrounding fence with a gate alarm. As a second layer of precaution, placing motion detectors in pool areas and outdoor hiding spots can give you more peace of mind.

Once you’ve installed these babyproofing products in your home, you can enjoy checking off the rest of the items on your baby gear checklist. If you’re shopping for a gift for expectant parents, any of these gadgets for childproofing your home would make the ideal baby shower present.

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