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Coffeehouse-quality coffee and espresso in the comforts of your home at the touch of a button.

Just when you thought coffee could no longer surprise you, Nespresso created Vertuo Next. Featuring innovative brewing technology, this single-serve coffee and espresso system gives you freshly brewed coffeehouse-quality coffee with a one-of-a-kind crema and full body — even in a large cup.

Vertuo — the ultimate coffee experience.

With the push of a button, the machine’s intelligent barcode reading system automatically recognizes the capsule, cup size, and adjusts the brewing parameters to brew high-quality coffee with Nespresso’s signature crema.

In addition to authentic espressos, Vertuo’s brewing system delivers extraordinary signature coffees that can rival any coffee shop. The Vertuo system also offers over 31 blends, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

Original — the classic espresso experience.

A go-to machine for pure espresso lovers. With more than 25 different blends, the Original system offers an endless array of aromas to fit a variety of espresso tastes.

Original machines use a high-pressure, 19-bar pump system to extract the delicate flavor of each Nespresso Original espresso capsule and offer barista-style coffee every time.

Plus, learn how their capsules and machines are designed to deliver the perfect cup, and the difference they’re making by investing in local farmers.
Aluminum capsules being recycled


Nespresso uses aluminum capsules to help you get the freshest cup of quality coffee every time. But that’s just the start of it – aluminum is also fully recyclable. Cup by cup, you’re helping Nespresso recycle aluminum, compost coffee grounds and sustainably grow coffee. Support their commitment to protecting the environment through Nespresso’s free recycling program.

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Recycled Nespresso coffee grounds are turned into compost.

When you recycle used capsules through Nespresso’s free recycling program, certified by Intertek, your capsule can have a second life as new products and the coffee grounds inside each capsule are composted into the nutrient-rich topsoil.

See how coffee grounds are turned into soil

Nespresso is committed to:

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The best quality coffee with a wide variety of blends.
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95% of coffee sourced through the Nespresso Sustainable Quality program.
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A long-term relationship with our farmers.