The world is a canvas for your imagination. How will you make your ideas come alive?

You'll quickly find your creative "zone" in the digital realm with Wacom products. From pen tablets and displays that turn your computer into a digital canvas, to styluses for mobile devices, Wacom helps make your world a more creative place.

Authentic Creativity on the iPad®

Enjoy a hands-on creative experience thanks to Wacom's pressure sensitivity and palm-rejection technology.

With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, the Intuos Creative Stylus reacts to a light touch just like a real pen on paper. And you can rest your palm on your iPad, because the only thing that will leave a mark is your stylus.

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Authentic Pen-Like Experience on
Touch-Screen Devices

With perfect in-hand balance and a highly responsive tip, Bamboo Stylus lets you write, sketch or navigate more naturally than ever. Made from high-quality anodized aluminum, Bamboo Stylus is made to last. The slim rubber nib is protected by a metal cap and can be easily exchanged with affordable replacement nibs.

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Wacom's Most Advanced, Precise Stylus

Giving you the power to capture every subtle detail of your writing and drawing on screen, Bamboo Stylus feel's active pen technology communicates with a special sensor now built into many leading mobile devices, including Samsung Galaxy Note and Microsoft Surface Pro.

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This stylus is not for use with iPad®. See compatibility list for products that work with Bamboo Stylus feel.

Design, Draw, Edit with Precision and Ease

No matter what your discipline, from photography to sketching or design — even film and video — Wacom's pressure-sensitive pen tablets and displays work with your favorite creative software to offer more intuitive ways to create.

Let Creativity Flow

Whether you're a creative professional or someone who just likes to create, the Intuos line of pen-and-touch tablets helps you create, edit and enhance photos and artwork with natural pen control. Alternate between using multifinger touch and the pressure-sensitive pen to precisely sketch, paint, retouch and edit your ideas.

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Dive into Your Digital Images with Professional Precision

Wacom Cintiq interactive pen displays combine the benefits of an LCD monitor with the superior performance of Wacom's professional pen technology. You'll gain all the benefits of working digitally in a creative experience that replicates traditional media.

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Pen Tablets and Displays

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