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BurgerTime Party! - Nintendo Switch

Publisher:XSEED Games
Release Date:10/08/2019
ESRB Rating:
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Defeat Food Foes who are out for revenge in BurgerTime Party! for Nintendo Switch. With enemy hot dogs and condiments out to stop you from completing culinary masterpieces, you must use your wits and a pantry of weapons to thwart their mission. BurgerTime Party! is a single-player and multiplayer game with more than 100 jumbo-sized stages to satisfy your appetite for action.


Feast for your senses. This wild restaurant is completely full of carefully crafted stages with new hazards, such as icy ladders, conveyor belts, and fiery floors, along with expressive, colorful characters inspired by old-school cartoons, animated in a delectably distinctive style

The game's top chefs have a whole pantry of weapons to work with

Thwart Food Foes with oil pepper spray, scorch them with jalapeno breath, or just throw chicken nuggets at them, and see what happens

Matches unfold in quick, easily digestible rounds across over a hundred varied stages, which satisfy players' appetites for action while leaving them hungry for more

Local multiplayer allows for up to four players to work cooperatively, or to play against each other by playing as one of Food Foes - Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, Mr. Egg, or Mr. Donut

Sprinkle in a generous pinch of multiplayer-exclusive power-ups, such as boxing gloves, quickstep shoes, and a time-turning watch to really get cooking

What's Included

  • BurgerTime Party!
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