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  1. Razor - MX125 Dirt Rocket eBike w/ 5.3 Miles Max Operating Range and 8 mph Max Speed - Blue

    Your price for this item is $210.99
    The previous price was $259.99
  2. Segway - Dirt eBike x260 w/74.6 mi Max Operating Range & 46.6 mph Max Speed - Black

    Model: AA.00.0000.18
    SKU: 6421117
    Your price for this item is $6,499.99
  3. GoTrax - K2 Electric Dirt Bike w/44 mi Max Range & 50 mph Max Speed - Black

    Model: GT-K2-BLACK
    SKU: 6547921
    Your price for this item is $5,499.99
  4. Super73 - R Electric Motorbike w/ 75+ mile max operating range & 28+ mph max speed - Olive

    Your price for this item is $2,299.99
    The previous price was $3,295.00
  5. Segway - Dirt eBike x260 w/74.6 mi Max Operating Range & 46.6 mph Max Speed - Silver

    Model: Dirt eBIKE X260 - Silver
    SKU: 6421118
    Your price for this item is $6,499.99
  6. GoTrax - Everest Electric Dirt Bike w/ 50 mi Max Range & 53 mph Max Speed - Gray

    SKU: 6547923
    Your price for this item is $6,499.99
  7. Razor - MX650 Dirt Rocket Off-Road Motocross Bike w/10 miles max operating range and 17 mph max speed - yellow

    Your price for this item is $582.99
    The previous price was $779.99
  8. GoTrax Rift 750 Electric ATV w/ 25mi Max Operating Range and 15mph Max Speed - Gray

    Your price for this item is $1,499.99
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Buying an electric motorbike.

What is an electric motorbike?

An electric motorbike is a version of an eBike that comes with a more substantial motor than most other designs. Like class 2 eBikes, the electric mini bike includes a throttle so that you don’t have to pedal. In fact, the motorbike category prioritizes motored propulsion over traditional pedaling. Some models do not even include pedals and resemble mini motorcycles.

Gas-powered motorbikes have been around for a long time, but the electric version offers many improvements, including a quieter ride and no smell of exhaust. Plus, they can help you reduce your carbon emissions by avoiding fossil fuels.

High-end models can power long rides, even reaching ranges of 75+ miles in ideal conditions and many offer speeds up to 28mph. Depending on the design you chose, motorbikes can be a great option when commuting to school or work.

Getting the most out of your electric dirt bike.

The best electric motorbike for adults is often a vehicle for commuting or getting around town, which can also include electric scooters and electric mopeds. An electric dirt bike, a subcategory of the e-motorbike, is usually used by young riders who want to start honing their dirt bike skills. Other electric powersport vehicles are also available for more recreational riding.

When choosing an electric dirt bike, you’ll want to look for a bike that has plenty of power and torque. This will help you tackle terrain obstacles you may encounter. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the bike’s battery life and mileage range when planning your outings. You don’t want to give your bike too little time to charge before a trip.

For dirt bike and motorbike riding, investing in a bike helmet with extra protection and protective sports pads are also good ideas because of the speeds you can reach. Finally, make sure you attach bike lights before taking your motorbike on the road with other vehicles.

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