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Introduce a warm ambiance into your kitchen with the newest trend in kitchen design. Not quite as sterile or industrial looking as traditional stainless steel, these less reflective appliances naturally resist fingerprints and introduce a modern, elegant aesthetic to your room.

Fingerprint Resistance

Some conventional stainless steel appliances not only show fingerprints and smudges, but their shiny surface actually accentuates them. The darker and less reflective black stainless finish naturally downplays the appearance of fingerprints. In addition, some brands include additional protective coatings to discourage smudging.

Traditional Stainless Vs. Modern Dark Finishes

The shade of black stainless appliances — or other appliances with an alternative finish like GE Slate — usually varies by brand. To make sure all your kitchen appliances match, stick with just one brand. Compare traditional stainless to each brand's shade below.

  • Traditional Stainless

  • Samsung Black Stainless

  • LG Black Stainless

  • KitchenAid Black Stainless

  • GE Slate

Black Stainless Image Gallery

Imagine New Appliances

Black stainless appliances can either blend in or stand out — depending on the color of your cabinets and flooring. Browse the gallery to get an idea of how these appliances might look in your home.

Samsung Black Stainless Appliances

Samsung Black Stainless Appliances

LG Black Stainless Appliances

LG Black Stainless Appliances

LG Black Stainless Appliances

LG Black Stainless Appliances

KitchenAid Black Stainless Appliances

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Samsung Black Stainless Steel Collection

Magnetic Surface

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LG Black Stainless Steel Series

Protective Coating

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KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Line

Boldly Designed, Inside and Out

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