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Marshall - Major V Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Black

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Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews

1 expert review

100%would recommend to a friend

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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Very comfortable & long battery life. Good sound.

    I was looking for a pair of comfortable headphones for traveling. I wanted long battery life, comfortable even on long flights, and great sound for movies and music. Also, I needed to be able to connect them to a variety of devices (phone, tablet, laptop). Also, I wanted to be able to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. I selected these headphones mainly because of the advertised battery life and the reputation of the Marshall brand. While these headphones certainly deliver on the long battery life and comfort, the sound out-of-the-box was too much bass for me. Luckily, these have the option to create a custom equalizer and I was able to get the sound where I liked it. I will be taking these on long international flights, so comfort, battery life, and sound are very important. They are also very compact in size when folded. Sound Quality: On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the sound quality at an 8 (with my custom EQ settings). I think the Marshall signature sound was just too much bass, especially for watching movies. With my EQ settings I boosted the mids moderately and highs significantly. These settings were perfect for the movies I watched and the music I listened to with these headphones. I was able to hear the voices clearly and still hear (and feel) the rumble of an action movie. In addition, listening to music was a joy whether I was listening to Rush's "Moving Pictures" or Antonio Vivaldi's "Concerto for Two Mandolins." Lastly, the sound quality from the Mics are excellent. When I was using them for a phone call, the people I talked to said they could hear me perfectly. On the downside, there are only 2 EQ settings and the Marshall signature sound EQ settings are not adjustable. So, you only have 1 EQ setting to customize for your sound preferences. Also, these headphones don't have ANC, but the padding is very thick and soft and you do get a pretty quiet environment. Battery Life: As I mentioned earlier, the battery life is astounding. I have used these for 5 days now (3-5 hours each day) and the battery level is still above 80%. Having the wireless charging is also a great bonus. I like that I can set these on top my wireless charger and they quickly recharge (3 hours for full charge or 15 minutes for 15 hours). Comfort: I thought the comfort on these are the best of all the headphones that I've had. I could easily adjust these so they fit perfectly with the speakers centered outside my ear and I couldn't hear someone sitting next to me talking. Even after listening to them for 2-3 hours, these headphones were still comfortable and I would even forget they were on. Constructions and Media Controls: The construction of these headphones is exceptional. The material is a thick, heavy material that should last a long time. These headphones also have the typical controls from the "M" button to control your attached devices. The controls worked easily and clearly and with each key press you get a Marshall guitar sound in response. Summary: These aren't perfect headphones, but I feel for the price these are very good headphones. I wish Marshall had included Dolby Atmos in the headphones and allowed for more custom EQ settings. I would also certainly recommend them and I am very happy I got them. These will get many hours of use and are perfect for my long flights and being able to enjoy my music and movies with the sound I like away from my home theater system.

    Posted by TheRoots

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Exceptional Battery life, Might need EQ.

    To start off, I've had quite a bit of different types and styles of headphones over the past 20~ years. Open back, Closed back, On ear, Studio monitors.. you name it. I'm not exactly a newbie, but I also haven't really adopted to newer technology that focuses on wireless or battery outside of the general "gaming headset". When the Marshall's Major V's came up, I was very interested in the claims of "100 hours" of battery life. Sure seems like an impressive spec considering most competitors fall into a 20-30 hour range on a single charge. I was also interested in these since they support wireless charging on the right side cup. A rather unique features as competitors need special accessories to achieve this. GENERAL THOUGHTS: Unboxing the Major V's, they seem decently built. I wouldn't say its the best, but it's also not flimsy enough to where you would be scared to break it. Comfort seems okay, but they do subjectively build pressure on my head. The headphones themselves come folded. Accessories include: 1x USB-C to USB-C cable and 1x 3.5mm to 3.5mm semi coiled cable. Pretty forward setting them up with BT as instructed by manual. You might need to firmware update these right away after downloading the application. There's a TX/RX Bluetooth communication from your phone. This also works with PC.. so the BT connection to PC will share the settings tab from phone. PROS: -The claims of 100 hours of battery are legit. I'm 3 days in and the headphones only really dropped 5% with daily use on my initial FIRST charge. -Wireless charging is very practical, especially with an apple style mag safe adapter. Left them on for an hour and it was 100% from the factory charge. -Controls are very well designed and thought out.. Everything you can think of, the dial can do. The second "M-button" control can be set to change EQ profile, Spotify tap integration, and voice assist. (One bind at a time.) -The headphones themselves are hyper portable. They fold up easily, are small and more like a intermediary between using over the ear headphones and In ear monitors aka "earbuds". -Decent mid range sound clarity. CONS: -I subjectively don't like the default sound tuning or "flat" marshal profile. It's not terrible, but there are better options out there. You can EQ them in the phone app and they will sound a bit better, but if having the best sounding headphones is your goal, I would generally look elsewhere. -As I mentioned earlier, They do start to put a bit of pressure on my head for long term sessions, but this is very subjective.. Both my "cons" are personal to me. OVERALL: I can definitely recommend these if your intended purpose is having best in class battery life and ease of charging. I really don't know of any other wireless headphone that could compete with these in that category. It's VERY impressive. On the flip side, I haven't spent enough time to really confirm the full 100 hour, but that would take a few weeks at my current rate listening rate. I'm sure they're capable since the previous Major IV version was spec'd at 80 hour. Sound quality? (subjective).. Definitely could be improve but its not bad either.. just not my taste. I feel Marshall Group could be more aggressive with these. Solid 4/5.

    Posted by Skylitday

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    These Marshall Major V Headphones Have It All!

    I received my retro looking Marshall headphones and I must say this is the first pair of this brand I've owned. Was excited to give them a try! Upon opening you'll find the folded headphones, a 3.5mm headphone cable with coiled middle section to use wired and a short USB-C to USB-C charging cable. You will need to provide your own charger and if you have a wireless charging pad these headphones will support that. Also included is a short manual. I charged them to 100% as they claim it should last for up to 100 hours of playback. After using them for 3 days I am finding the battery life is really fantastic. I used the manual and followed instructions. First I turned the Major V's on and connected to my iPhone Bluetooth which they did immediately and without issue. I then installed the app and there was an immediate update which I installed to firmware 6.4.4. This app is so convenient! You will find an EQ option in which you can select a preset or custom to create your own settings. I fussed around with them but honestly right out of the box with no adjusting I found these to sound perfect for my personal listening pleasure. The Equaliser also has Marshall Setting 1 and Marshall Setting 2. It's all a matter of what sounds best to your ears. There is also an app setting to prolong the battery life span by choosing the max charge to be 90%. I set the Battery Preservation to Medium but you can pick from None ~ Standard ~ Medium ~ High. There is an M-Button on one ear cup and by pressing it takes you to the Spotify Tap, Equaliser, Voice Assistant or Do Nothing when using the app. There are other nice app options as well. The other ear cup has a small brass button that will allow you to control everything out of the box without using the app. You simply hold in the button for one second and it will power the headphones off or on. The booklet that comes with them illustrates what you can do with this button. An excellent feature in my opinion! I proceeded to play everything from classical music to rock and the headphones handled all well. The calling feature was okay but I prefer my small buds on phone calls as headphones seem somewhat bulky to me although the sound quality was fine ~ voices clear both to myself and the caller. These are very light to wear and the cups are nice and softly padded. I can wear them for long hours without pain. Your ears might get a little warm but this is common for most headphones of this style. The sound on these is really clean ~ just the best! I enjoyed everything I threw at them to hear ~ from my TV to a karaoke website and all in between. I had no issues with annoying noise or dull sounds. The bass, treble and mids were spot on perfect, especially being adjustable with the app. It does not offer ANC but that is not an issue for me as I rarely use that feature on any of my earbuds or headphones. I really love these Marshall headphones and am ever so pleased! The construction quality is top notch all around. I adore the way they look as well ~ that retro square ear cup styling is marvelous! The one thing missing is a case or carrying bag which was a surprise but as I don't plan on traveling with them it's not a deal breaker for me. They are totally awesome and I highly recommend their purchase! You will not be disappointed ~ I sure wasn't!

    Posted by Mizshutterbug

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