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Keyport - Pivot Essential Bundle - Black-Front_Standard

Keyport - Pivot Essential Bundle - Black

Model: PVT1-BNDL-ESS-BKSKU: 6302258

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Handy Pocket Friend

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    Disclaimer: This product was provided by the distributor for review. I’m a fairly absent-minded person; I’ll leave my phone or keys sitting somewhere, turn my head, and forget where I left them. Not really what you want to do with he pocket holy trinity (phone, keys, wallet). Keyport generously provided me a Pivot Essential Bundle (seen pictured) to “help” me (and I say help because there’s no bundle for my forgetfulness). These are my thoughts, and I’m hoping they can answer some of your questions about the product. Overview Keyport pivots are little modular devices which basically “all-in-one” your essentials. Keys, USB, pen, knife, that sort of thing. There are three types: the pivot, the essential bundle, and the outdoor bundle. Each is customizable (meaning you can add Keyport specific add-ons) and – you guessed it – pocket sized. Basically, the idea is that when you grab your Pivot, you grab everything you need – for the most part. Phone and wallet can’t attach but, that’s not really what it’s designed for. Setup Before you can use a pivot tool, there’s a little setup involved. This varies based on what you’re using the pivot for – and my guess is you plan to integrate keys with it. For this reason, Keyport provides your key as part of the bundle (barring complications), instead of just providing a ring where you slip a key on. Since I have the essential bundle, a few accessories were included. However, if you just use the pivot (the basic version), you’ll need to attach them (extras are purchasable). One nice detail is the modular addons are customizable – meaning you can put them on in any preferred order. Once you have everything though, you simply follow the instructions given to “install” your keys an extra devices, if applicable. This part is pretty easy, where you line your keys up and hold them in place with the provided screw. It’s entirely effortless and easy to adjust. One thing I’ll point out though is that installing the light module wasn’t as easy, only because I installed it the wrong way. Make sure you slide the light in the correct direction (light face pointing out), otherwise, you’ll think it’s broken. When you do get it right though, it’s seamless and easy. What’s in the box? Inside the ergonomic packaging I got a handy set of directions, card for lost and found, and the actual pivot stuff. The Essential Bundle has the MOCA (a kind of mini ruler), flashlight, and the pivot itself. It also comes equipped with some additional parts when you add/remove things from your keyport. The Pivot The actual pivot is, as you can imagine, conveniently sized. Think of it like a metal wallet for your keys and what-have-yous. I’d say it’s around the size of a USB. Compare that to a key ring and you can probably imagine how much space is saved. I definitely like the size, and the quality feels good. Nothing brittle here, thought I don’t suggest randomly throwing it against things for fun. Next is the MOCA tool. The MOCA tool is a piece of hard steel, so that’s not getting damaged any time soon. Probably one of the higher value aspects, as it’s more than just a ruler. The convenience of having a screwdriver, cutter, bottle opener, etc in your pocket comes in handy in a bunch of ways you don’t expect. For myself, personally, I can use it to measure distances between things in my hobby or unscrew the case on my desktop. I can open bottles, cut packages, etc. it’s the difference between going to the kitchen or whatever to find a tool, and just having the tool in pocket. Lastly, the essential bundle has a light with a 12-lumens strength. Good for dark spaces where you might need some quick illumination. Yes, you can use a cellphone, albeit it’s clunky. The lighting is good too, and again, I can make use of this in my hobby or if I’ve dropped something. However, the light is made of plastic, so take more care with it. Also, while installation isn’t impossible, it’s a bit trickier, and the pivot won’t work for you unless you apply everything correctly. The pivot also has its own serial number, in case it happens to get lost. However, a minor gripe here is that the number is on the inside of the pivot – a bit small and hard to see at first glance. My thought here is someone who randomly finds the pivot may not take the time to actually look for the code, missing it altogether. But, it’s a decent safety net in case someone out there finds your lost stuff. Personally, I hope Keyport introduces a way to track the pivot itself, that’d be rad. Final Thoughts Barring one issue with the light tool wherein a couple pins weren’t fully screwed in (this prevented complete installation), I have to say, I really like it. It cuts down on the clunk of keys and keeps things in one simple space. Very easy to adjust and instructions are clear. Positives • Ergonomic and convenient design here, really easy to fit in a pocket or where ever • The 12-lumen flashlight is pretty bright and can help you in random pinches where you might need it; I personally like to use it to double check painted miniatures for unpainted spots • The MOCA ruler is also convenient, good for doing a quick measure of two inches (again useful in my hobby when I’m measuring ranges between units) and a bunch of other things • Fit 3 keys easily and saved on pocket space • Once you figure out how to tighten and adjust, modifying the tool is simple and I’d like to expand with it Negatives • For a pivot to work, you need to follow directions carefully, otherwise you’re not getting proper use • The essential bundle may not be suited to intense wear and tear, but only time will tell

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