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  • Rating 5 out of 5 stars with 1 review

    Klipsch KMC 1 Review

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    I now own all 3 of Klipsch’s mainstream portable Bluetooth speakers, KMC 3, KMC 1, and GiG. Having spent a lot of time using them I can say for certain Klipsch totally gets it. Sound Quality, Build Quality, Looks, and Ease of use - they’ve hit every single mark. Comparing their products to other popular brands, Including: Logitech, Bose, Motorola, Jabra, Beats, Sony, others as well. I will tell you that, in my opinion, Klipsch trumps them all. Especially given the fact they have not just one, but four Bluetooth speakers in their arsenal, and at various prices. KMC 1 fits right between their ultra-portable – GiG model, and the larger KMC 3. It has a very important APT-X feature (as do all of their speakers) that is a must have for any Bluetooth speaker. I’ve mentioned this before in my other reviews but having apt-x will give you the most detailed sound you can get currently via wireless Bluetooth. Bottom line; don’t buy a Bluetooth speaker without APT-X. Sound Quality – This guy packs a punch for such a small speaker, especially for being in a relatively small package. The speaker houses two full 2.5” drivers and two 3” passive radiators, this combination also appears in the GiG model, and is a pretty nice setup. One thing I have noticed with this speaker, is that it can sound a bit restricted at first, it wasn’t until it had a little time to break in that it really opened up. The restriction comes mostly from bass notes. The speaker is sealed, so they are tight and responsive but I feel they could improve extension by using a ported design, like the KMC 3 (Granted KMC3 has a dedicated subwoofer). Don’t let that deter you from buying the KMC 1, I freaking love it, and it’s a very good sounding speaker. You will get beautiful highs and mids, and while the bass isn’t overwhelming, it very much enhances the overall sound for a speaker this size. It’s actually shocking how loud this thing will go! Build Quality – This thing feels like a million bucks. Weighing 3.6 lbs., incased in a housing that is 4.3" H x 10.2" W x 3.4" D, it feels like a freaking brick – in a really really good way. When you hold it feels just as substantial as it sounds. Out of all three of the speakers, this one to me is the most appealing (more on why later). The housing of the speaker (just like the others) is a nice soft, solid feeling plastic, no creaks, loose buttons or anything of that sort. On the top, the touch controls work well. I’ve not had a single problem with them. I do also appreciate the rubber pad they have on top of these guys. I set my Fiio X3 on it all the time. Features – Just like the GiG, KMC 1 has the extremely useful feature of providing audible indicators when you turn the speaker on, it pairs to your Bluetooth source, and when it’s turned off. One thing I have noticed, which was an amazing surprise is that once connected to my Surface Pro. I can shut down the surface; the speaker will turn off (no surprise). BUT, when I turn the surface back on the speaker turns on automatically, and connects without me even touching it. It can also store up to 8 Bluetooth devices in its memory. It has NFC, you can charge phones/some tablets via usb, and use it as a speaker phone. I’m not sure what else you could ask for really, its feature rich. Accessories - It comes with a brick style wall charger with international adapters and a flat 3.5mm cable to connect devices that lack Bluetooth. Note – I’ve used the same flat 3.5mm that came with Kmc3 in my car for months and it still looks new, no crackling noises or anything. Cons / Improvements - I still think some type of app to pair multiple speakers would be kind of cool, or allow something similar to “heist mode” as written about in my other reviews. Would also like to see this become a ported speaker in the future, even with its smaller 2.5” drivers I think it would help extend bass a tad more. Final Thoughts – Sonically, KMC 3 is the best of the bunch, and remains my favorite. However, when it comes to portable size vs. features (those audible notifications & automatically turning on), rechargeable battery, stunning good looks, and sound quality (given its diminutive size), I just seem to use KMC 1 the most. Again, Klipsch has a few options, so there is certainly something for everyone. But, if you’re considering the KMC 1, I’d totally recommend it.

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