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Ninja - 6-Quart Instant Cooker - Black/Silver-Angle_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Pressure Cooker

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    The Ninja - 6-Quart Instant Cooker is awesome! Easy to follow instructions and extremely easy clean up make this cooker a winner. I have wanted to try a pressure cooker for awhile and finally got one. The handy "getting started" card was very helpful and gave step by step instructions on how to build and release the pressure to make cooking a breeze. We tried the Minestrone Soup and pork ribs and both were easy and delicious. The cooking and prep time were quick and clean up was easy. You can use it to saute or steam and also as a pressure cooker to make soups, stews, veggies and meats. I can't wait to try more recipes. Once you get the hang of building up the pressure and then turning the valve to release the steam, cooking is easy and fool proof. I really like the way the lid stores on the top to avoid laying it down on the counter. Great design!

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use, versatile in kitchen

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    I was inspired to try out the Ninja Instant Cooker because I have been cooking with a standard pressure cooker and a crock pot for many years. I give the Instant Cooker five stars, but the printed materials rate only a three! On opening the box, I was pleased to find that I had received TWO gaskets, one light and one dark, to separate sweet from savory so as not to transmit smells or tastes. Setting up the appliance took moments and I first ran it through the recommended practice run with water only. I highly recommend you do this! My caution is to make certain that when you release the pressure that it is not beneath your upper cabinets or pointed in your face. One you have release the pressure you'll see what I mean. The first thing I noticed was the quiet. Old pressure cookers have the weight on the top that 'rocks' and releases some steam. I never saw any steam come out of the Instant Pot until I manually released the pressure. First food I cooked was sweet potatoes. The Pot came up to high pressure in less than five minutes. I forgot to slice the sweet potatoes or skin them, but it turned out fine as the skins slipped right off. Next, I made hard boiled eggs, or should I say pressured eggs? These are so marvelous from a pressure cooker. The yolks tend to be more centered and the shells slip off at the first crack on the counter. This is where I started not liking the instructions! The Quick Start instructions do not have a'recipe' for hard boiled eggs! Or yogurt! I also did not find a website listed in the instructions where I could find more ways to use the Instant Cooker. To me, this was a major lost opportunity. Yep. You can make hard boiled eggs in about 15 minutes! Put a regular steamer basket in the cooker (the ones that 'fan out', like you would steam tamales in). I used the steamer thing that came with the cooker and it did not keep the eggs from moving and cracking. Place your eggs in the steamer basket straight out of the fridge. Set the pressure on high for four minutes, then let the pressure decrease naturally for five minutes. Remove the eggs with a large spoon to an ice bath and let them sit five minutes. So marvelous! Occasionally an egg does crack but it mostly stays in the shell (I guess it cracks later on). Just use any cracked eggs first. Now, the other great features of the Instant Cooker are the three pressure levels, five slow cooker temps, and large digital display. When you pressure cook, when it reaches the preset time of pressure, it turns off and starts the clock counting up so you know how much 'natural' pressure release time has passed. Having used stove top cookers, I can tell you that this is an unbelievable thing! So accurate! There is also a sear function which I am looking forward to when making chili. Currently, I sear my course grind meat in a stove top pan, then saute the onions and peppers on the stovetop, putting it all in a slow cooker. Now, I will be able to just use one pot! When you are done with the Cooker, be sure to use hot pads to remove the insert if it is still hot. The ceramic insert was very easy to clean. I recommend removing the gasket, washing and drying thoroughly, before storing it. Now, back to the printed materials. I feel that I am a pretty accomplished cook, having learned watching Julia Child in the 1960s and doing things the traditional way. Therefore, I already had a grasp of how pressure cookers work and how heat and pressure combine and impact not only the cooking time, but also the intensity of the flavors. A person who had not grown up cooking traditionally would likely benefit from a little science lesson in the book, as well as some recipes beyond pulled pork and such. Eggs! Such a marvel and no mention of hard boiled eggs!

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