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The Frame TV from Samsung

TV when it’s on.
Art when it’s off.

A work of art in and of itself. The Frame, 2021 Edition, now with additional styles, colors, artwork and add-ons, gives you more ways to personalize your space and enhance your aesthetic, all while enjoying the stunning picture quality of 4K QLED.


Reflects your style, fits your space.

Style your space with a look and feel that’s uniquely you. The Frame has been redesigned to be slimmer1 with monochromatic beauty from every angle.

Thin, trim and unbelievably slim.

The elegantly refined body hangs like an actual picture frame and blends in beautifully anywhere you put it.

Customize to your style.

A second bezel design and multiple colors to choose from means you can customize The Frame to your heart’s content.2


The Frame’s customizable bezels magnetically click into place so you can switch styles in a snap.See disclosure 1

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An elegant, 45-degree-angled inner edge bezel comes in white and brick red.

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Art Mode.

Reinvent your space each and every day.

Turn your home into a different distinguished art collection whenever inspiration strikes. Access to over 1,400 works of art from world-class galleries gives you countless ways to express the mood and the moment.

Peruse a library of over 1,400 acclaimed pieces.

It’s easy to browse, discover and download from the Art Store, which features classic and modern masterpieces as well as stunning digital art and photography from galleries around the world.3

Turn the TV off to bring the masterpieces to life.

Simply press the power button on the One Remote and watch Art Mode turn your blank TV screen into a private exhibit of curated creations.


Lose yourself in the brilliant picture quality of QLED.

The Frame isn’t just beautiful. Its breakthrough QLED picture, sound innovations and smart features enrich the viewing experience.

Over a billion shades of stay-true color.

100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot.

See every vibrant color, shade and tone exactly how it was meant to be seen, making artwork appear as realistic as it would in a gallery.3

Dual LED color tones deliver enhanced color realism.

Comparing Conventional TV versus Frame TV using Bertha 2016. By Petros Koublis See disclosure 5

Amazing contrast performance.

Dual LED backlighting technology generates authentic color tones while maintaining vividness in every picture mode or from every angle.

Authentic black tones.

Extra warm-tone LEDs provide a deep range of black-tone expressions that restores what's hidden in dark areas to reveal intricate details.


Customizable Frame.

Find the bezel design and colors that compliment your style and home decor.1

S Series sound bar.

A sleek, modern design that immerses you in clear tones and deep base, it sounds as beautiful as it looks.

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1. Compared to 2020 Frame models.

2. Customizable frame bezel sold separately. Beveled bezels may not be available at launch.

3. Art Store subscription required to access full selection. Fees apply to subscription service. Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice. Motion sensor can be activated in Art Mode settings menu.

4. QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.

5. As compared to 2021 TU7000 Crystal UHD TVs.