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  • Specifications
    Screen Size
    6.8 inches
    Front-Facing Camera
    12 megapixels
    Rear-Facing Camera
    200 megapixels
    Galaxy S23

Samsung - Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB - Cream (Verizon)



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Model Family

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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Built-in Storage

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Flagship fun

    Over the years the only two brands that have worked out for me have been Samsung or Motorola. However, Samsung has always been less glitchy and higher quality. Their general GUI has a nice continuity than many of its competitors, as all Android devices aren't created equal. Some slight nuances make navigating Samsungs interaction of the Android OS easier or more logical. That said, this combined with the performance of the device is incredible. Performance is essential as when I don't have my laptop out everything is done in my hand which is very important for my career. I use a lot of different platforms in my position with several remote logins ranging from Azure, Cisco, and some open-sourced platforms. Between these and things like office suites the ability to locate, review, and edit on the fly is crucial. I used to be an avid gamer and even played competitive gaming. While I never fell into the whole mobile gaming scene it's easy to realize this phone is bleeding edge and should have no issues for whatever is on today's market. I have over two decades of PC enthusiasts level builds under me and an IT background just as deep. I assure you I understand the specifications far better than the average user as someone who has even done SMD soldering as far back as the original Galaxy Note first gen. One of the great things about the new Ultra besides the reintroduction of the S-pen is its screen. Despite having the same screen sizes as it older siblings e.g. my Ultra 21 the aspect ratio is greatly improved giving the experience that one would think is a much larger screen. Viewing and navigating on one of the best screens available without upgrading to either Z-fold or a tablet has been pleasant and is much easier on the eyes. An excellent variety of refresh rates that can be combined with a large range of dimmable settings makes a difference on your eyes all day. Obviously the quality of a high definition screen is always enjoyable if you love to stream. Which is a good times to bring up the the audio quality. It's quite impressive how well the audio performs on speaker that's rich and full ranged audio spectrum. Howver connect your computer favorite peripheral audio devices and there's plethora of sound related possibilities fo streaming music to box office favorites. Samsung did a great job of reimagining the Galaxy series bringing back favorable features while improving on others. This is expected with it's flagship pricetag but it's leading competition isn't any cheaper in fact it's ore expensive. Sticking with the combination of Samsung and Android you really can't get a better wireless experience of solid communication, handheld entertainment, and your office in the palm of you hand with no shortage of peripheral devices to enhance the experience. Even the battery life has been improved on my opinion and so far I'm very pleased with this device as it's a huge part of both my work and personal daily routine. Oh and I use my camera every day, the quality is fantastic with plenty of configurable options!