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    AROMA - 20-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer - Black/Stainless Steel-Front_Standard

    • Model: ARC-1020SB
    • SKU: 6265165
    Make family-size meals with this 20-cup Aroma Professional rice cooker. The saute-then-simmer function sears vegetables quickly then switches automatically to simmering once liquid is added, and the digital controls expand the traditional cooking options to include settings for soups and cakes. This cool-touch Aroma Professional rice cooker's 15-hour delay timer provides flexible meal times.
  2. 2.
    Cuisinart - 6.3qt Multi Cooker - Aluminum-Front_Standard

    • Model: MSC-800
    • SKU: 6262213
    With the Cuisinart 7-quart Cook Central multicooker, you can do it all without firing up the stovetop. Brown ingredients in the Cook Central and then roast or slow cook with one button for effortless one pot combination cooking. Presets, time, and temperature controls make it simple to slow cook, roast, brown/sauté, or steam alone, or in combination! The Cook Central makes dinnertime easy and programmed ahead of time so your meal is done exactly when you want it, with the Keep Warm feature making sure heavy commuter traffic doesn't mean your meal will be cold! The cast aluminum pot is also removable and nonstick for easy clean up, no matter how slowly you roast sticky pulled pork.
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    Breville - 6-Quart Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker - Brushed Stainless Steel-Left_Standard

    • Model: BPR700BSS
    • SKU: 6216359
    Set the right cooking method for almost any recipe with this 6-quart Breville Fast Slow Pro cooker. Its 11 pressure settings and high and low slow cook options let you prepare meat, vegetables and other ingredients in a variety of ways. The top and bottom sensors of this Breville Fast Slow Pro cooker ensure even cooking.
  4. 4.
    Hamilton Beach - 3qt Slow Cooker - Blue Gingham-Front_Standard

    • Model: 33232
    • SKU: 6176526
    Get supper ready before you get home with this Hamilton Beach slow cooker. Two heat settings let you tackle a variety of recipes, and the keep-warm function ensures latecomers get a hot meal. Remove this Hamilton Beach slow cooker's 3-quart stoneware insert for convenient serving and easy cleanup in the dishwasher.
  5. 5.
    Weston - 22-Quart Electric Roaster Oven - Silver-Front_Standard

    • Model: 03-4100-W
    • SKU: 6175545
    Bake right on your countertop with this Weston roaster oven. It holds up to a 24-lb. turkey and offers variable temperature control up to 450 degrees for versatile use. The removable pan lets you serve food right from this stainless steel 22-quart Weston roaster oven, and the lift-out rack makes removing finished food easy.
  6. 6.
    Weston - 18-Quart Electric Roaster Oven - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 03-4000-W
    • SKU: 6175576
    Free oven space with this 18-quart Weston roaster oven. Sized to accommodate turkeys up to 18 lbs., this 1450W countertop unit roasts, bakes, cooks, warms and serves without the need for separate appliances. This Weston roaster oven's lift-out rack supports safe transfers of a large bird, ham or roast to your waiting platter.
  7. 7.
    Hamilton Beach - 6qt Slow Cooker - Stainless Steel-Front_Standard

    • Model: 33970
    • SKU: 6176535
    Bring the no-fail cooking method professional chefs rely on to your kitchen with the Hamilton Beach Professional sous vide and slow cooker. This sous vide water oven also doubles as a slow cooker, giving you two of the most convenient cooking methods in one countertop appliance. Whether you're a grilling enthusiast seeking that perfectly pink center, or a frequent entertainer who wants to wow guests with a tender roast, or a family that just wants easy and flexible cooking, the sous vide method is for you. How does it work? It's a simple process of cooking vacuum or bag-sealed food in a precise temperature-controlled water bath. The result is evenly cooked food. Your food won't run the risk of being over or undercooked because sous vide only cooks to the precise temperature of the water bath. Exceptional for cooking meats and fish, the sous vide is also great for eggs, fruits, vegetables and even desserts. Switch over to slow cooker mode to cook an entire meal without any monitoring. You can program your cooking time and temperature, and once that's ended, the slow cooker will automatically switch to warm. Both modes offer the ease of walk-away cooking. The 6 quart nonstick vessel removes for easy water fill up and clean up.
  8. 8.
    Chefman - 2.5-Quart Slow Cooker - Stainless Steel/Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: RJ15-125-D
    • SKU: 6147330
    Make and serve meals in this Chefman double slow cooker. Its separate chambers have independent controls and three heat settings to choose from, so you can prepare multiple recipes simultaneously or heat up leftovers. The removable 1.25-quart inserts on this Chefman double slow cooker are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  9. 9.
    Gourmia - 8.5-Quart Slow Cooker - Stainless Steel/Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: DCP860
    • SKU: 6135101
    Cook a large meal with this Gourmia slow cooker. Its 8.5-quart ceramic vessel fits enough food for a large family, and its low, high and warm settings let you bring food to safe temperatures or keep it warm for serving. Check on food without releasing heat thanks to the glass lid of this Gourmia slow cooker.
  10. 10.
    Bella - 5-Quart Slow Cooker - black/silver-Front_Standard

    • Model: BLA14469
    • SKU: 5948196
    Whip up hearty stews with this 5-quart Bella programmable slow cooker. It cooks up to 4 lbs. of roast in one cycle, and its digital timer lets you set cooking times from 30 minutes to 20 hours for different recipes. The locking lid and gasket seals of this Bella programmable slow cooker provide secure, spill-resistant portability.
  11. 11.
    KitchenAid - 4-Quart Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower Accessory - Stainless Steel-Front_Standard

    • Model: KMC4244SS
    • SKU: 6133644
    Improve your cooking skills with this KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker. Enhanced with an easy-to-read LCD screen and EvenHeat technology for precise temperature control, this unit bakes, braises, sautés and keeps dishes warm for up to 24 hours. This KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker comes with a stir tower, which stirs your food automatically for reliably even results.
  12. 12.
    KitchenAid - 4-Quart Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower Accessory - Candy Apple Red-Front_Standard

    • Model: KMC4244CA
    • SKU: 6133662
    Make a range of gourmet meals with this easy-to-use KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker, which comes with a handy steam and roast rack. Enhanced with a digital display, this unit shows step-by-step instructions for cooking modes, temperatures and timer settings. Attach the included stir tower to this KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker for hands-free mixing, flipping and stirring.
  13. 13.
    KitchenAid - 4-Quart Multi-Cooker - Candy Apple Red-Front_Standard

    • Model: KMC4241CA
    • SKU: 6133670
    Make delicious meals more efficiently with this KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker. Ideal for countertop use, this versatile machine has over 10 different cooking settings and incorporates a guided digital display to help you achieve pro-quality results. Use the dual-purpose metal rack included with this KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker to roast meats and steam vegetables.
  14. 14.
    KitchenAid - 4-Quart Multi-Cooker - Onyx Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: KMC4241OB
    • SKU: 6133675
    Condense your kitchen with this versatile KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker. Simmer, sear and sauté ingredients, create one-pot meals, cook rice, steam vegetables using the included basket insert and keep dishes hot for up to 24 hours. Ten different settings and a precise temperature control system makes this KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker easy to use.
  15. 15.
    Crock-Pot® - 8-Quart Slow Cooker - Black Stainless-Angle_Standard

    • Model: SCCPVFC800-DS
    • SKU: 6030904
    Plan ahead and make a delicious family dinner in this Crock-Pot Stainless Collection slow cooker. The programmable cooker lets you set a cooking time up to 20 hours, and the warming function ensures your dinner stays warm until you arrive. This 8-quart capacity Crock-Pot Stainless Collection slow cooker offers enough room for 10 dinner guests.

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