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  • Specifications
    Maximum Video Resolution
    Storage Type
    Internal, External
    Storage Capacity
    128 gigabytes
    External Storage Capacity Upgradeable Upto
    8000 gigabytes
    Number Of Tuners
    Smart Capable
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Tablo - 4th Gen, 4-Tuner, 128GB Over-The-Air DVR & Streaming Player - White

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Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars with 283 reviews

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  • Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars

  • Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars

  • Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars

72%would recommend to a friend

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Goodbye cable company, cut your cord already!

    Wasn't sure if the Tablo was even going to work well in my area. After further research I jumped on the 4 tuner model and paired it with the flat Insignia 60 mile antenna. First off, if you live a more rural location with hills nearby. You will likely need to go for the rooftop antenna. With most of my channels up to 50+ miles away in Pittsburgh, PA or towards Youngstown, OH. Use the fcc . gov -dtvmaps to find your network signals. It's very important to have a strong locked in signal for the Tablo to not error or have failed recordings that I saw frequently till I went with a $40 GE antenna mounted off my brick chimney. Once you establish a good connection to your areas over air network channels and all the free bonus channels of rerun tv. The Tablo has performed really well and far better and faster than my xfinity cable box dvr. And it does it for about the cost of 1 month of cable. Setup was not painless for me. I first tried my Pixel 8 pro and could not even load the app from google play. Eventually I side loaded app, but it didn't work well, no idea why. Eventually did get it to setup from my samung ultra tablet. From that point on you can setup the app on Google/Roku/Fire tv or similar dongle. It takes a tiny bit of setup and getting used to the menus. But after a couple days, even those not very tech savvy will get the hang of it. The first gripe some will have to overcome. No support for Samsung tvs running Samsung tizen smart app software, I think LG and it's WebOs are also left out. Good news if you run Google or Roku tvs and add on boxes. Firestick also seems supported, but didn't try. Did use Roku before switching to Chromecast 4k dongle that is by far superior method for watching/using Tablo. Stuff I have noticed that some said it did or didn't do. You can absolutely browse channels while watching a channel on Chromecast Tablo app. And it shows a nice picture icon for the show currently on each channel you have. You can pause any channel. And you can fast forward/rewind/pause any recording. Skipping commercials is a breeze and easy to see when the show is on again. You can also watch dvr recordings as they are recording, but you lose the visual fast forward view to see where the commercial/show start and end. So it is best to watch shows after they have been fully recorded. There is also a tab in settings to not record duplicates (good if you get multple of the same network). But i choose to leave this off, because of the distance of certain channels. Weather may make one of my ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX channels not as strong, and I would rather not miss a recording because one channel glitched. I let it record both signals and watch the best version. Some channels have better resolution and also 5.1 surround. With 4 tuners it better to have duplicates to erase, then miss a show altogether. Overall, $140 (plus antenna, roof top is best) for unlimited tv and DVR with free channel guide and the ability to add more recording space via usb is all aces in my book. There is kinda only one other option to cord cut and get a dvr without a lot of know how. This is easily the one I recommend. Long term use will tell me how reliable the device is. I say this, because the Tablo is still kinda new device and only recently started to offer the free 2 week guide. And it has crashed the app a few times and runs a lot hotter than I would like (I'm adding a aftermarket fan to the base). I also can't leave Tablo on all day for my pets, its crashed each time I tried. But to it's credit, it has always gone right back in to programing and it is easily as fast as any othe device to switch channels and boot up a dvr recording. But it looks and operates far better than xfinity. For those not enjoying it as much. Try with a recent Chromecast dongle. Best buy sells both standard and 4k versions. It can still crash, but it quickly gets right back in the game and dvr is very good.

    Posted by JinOH

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Streamer and DVR!!

    I ordered this 4th Gen Tablo 4-tuner streamer with hesitancy. We had another Tablo Quad which gave us many problems with buffering. No matter what we tried, with suggestions from online sources and from Tablo, we could not get the Quad to work!! This review is for the new 4th Gen Tablo 4-tuner streamer. We have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by it! Using the same OTA antenna as before, we now can get 139 channels (we use just a few of them)! Our reception on the channels we use has been great. We’ve had zero buffering of the incoming signal. The interface is very intuitive and is easy to use. Just today I learned how to display only our favorite channels on the channel Guide. Did I mention that the Guide has no ongoing subscription costs? Though we done just a bit of recording of shows so far (I’ve not hooked up our 2tb USB drive for additional recording capacity), we have had no issues with recording shows we want to watch later. Bottom line: We really love this well-designed unit and recommend it. Thanks, Tablo and Best Buy!!

    Posted by Jgil

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Great OTA TV solution!

    Awesome way to distribute and record live TV in your home. Works well with a good OTA antenna i have mounted in my attic. Added a 5TB USB drive to it so will record lots more than I'll ever watch. Use a Roku device to stream it to individual TVs in the home. Very nice interface. I gave it '4' starts as it's clear the unit is still 'in development'. Have had a couple crashes; infrequent by they do happen. I expect these will get resolved over time. The interface is very 'snappy'; very little lag between remote pushes and the unit responding... very important in skipping over commercials. Overall, a bit win and allowed me to drop my Sat TV subscription (which was getting very overpriced). Note unit runs a bit warm; I have the unit on its side as it runs cooler that way as air flows over the base much better.

    Posted by Superduper1

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