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The Hills Have Eyes 2 [WS] [Unrated] [DVD] [2007]

Release Date:07/17/2007
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A naïve group of National Guard trainees embark on a routine training mission in the New Mexico desert, only to find themselves face to face with a murderous band of cannibalistic mutants in prolific music video director Martin Weisz's sequel to the successful 2006 remake. An isolated desert research camp has been mysteriously abandoned, and now it's up to an elite unit of soldiers to uncover the truth about the scientists who vanished without a trace. Their attention soon diverted by a distress signal emitting from a distant mountain range, the squadron quickly regroups and sets out to investigate. Unbeknownst to the soldiers, however, is the fact that these are the very same hills where the Carter family recently fell prey to a flesh-eating pack of hideously deformed mutants. As the ranks of the cavalry unit steadily begin to dwindle, it soon becomes obvious that their guns provide little defense from an evil driven by hunger to commit the ultimate crime against humanity. Original Hills Have Eyes and Hills Have Eyes, Part 2 writer/director Wes Craven teams with son Jonathan to script this grim and unforgiving tale of man versus mutant.~Jason Buchanan


Deleted scenes

Alternate ending

Gag reel

Mutant Attacks featurette

Birth of a Graphic Novel featurette

Exploring the Hills: The making of the Hills Have Eyes 2

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