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The Reaping [Blu-ray] [2007]

Release Date:10/16/2007
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Her faith shaken by a family tragedy from which she was never quite able to fully recover, a professor of theology from Louisiana State University moonlighting as a debunker of unexplained religious phenomena finds herself faced with an apocalyptic series of events that seem to reflect the ten plagues of Exodus in director Stephen Hopkins' Southern gothic chiller. The terrified citizens of Haven, LA, have been beset by swarms of locusts and watched as rivers turned to blood. As if that wasn't enough to put the fear of God into any Bible-reading Christian, ominous rumors of a local swamp cult have left many of the small-town citizens turning to prayer for fear that the end is finally nigh. Enter Katherine Winter (Hilary Swank), a skeptical myth-buster and renowned theology scholar with a special knack for spotting religious trickery. Though at first exceedingly confident that she will uncover a human component behind the otherworldly occurrences, Katherine quickly learns that just because one doesn't believe in the supernatural doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't exist.~Jason Buchanan


Science of the 10 Plagues: The Search for Scientific Explanations

The Characters: cast members reflect

A Place Called Haven: explore this exotic landscape

The Reaping: The Seventh Plague: those creepy bugs

AnnaSophia Robb's Scary Story: the young actress portraying Loren narrates and recreates a scary story she's written