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Black Friday Hacks & Tips

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Some people look forward to shopping the Black Friday sale in a similar way to how athletes prepare for the championship game. Discipline and a well-crafted strategy can help you score the best deals of the season, so we've put together lots of great ideas to gear up for this ultimate shopping event, along with answers to common challenges or questions.

How Should I Prepare for the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year?

Start getting ready early by ensuring you have a digital relationship set up with Best Buy and other online sites you intend to shop. This will ensure you get up-to-date deals info, and can make for quicker shopping transactions when the big day arrives. At Best Buy, you can become a My Best Buy Rewards member for free, making checkout faster and easier by auto-populating your billing/shipping details, and providing you with other benefits like rewards points you can use toward future purchases.

Prep Early to Shop Black Friday

  • Get your game face on by getting fired up for a shopping experience that is pretty much unlike any other, by checking out Best Buy Black Friday videos, articles and news.
  • Subscribe to e-mails to get notifications on upcoming deals you won't want to miss, and follow Best Buy social posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for even more deal insights.
  • One of the Black Friday tricks you can consider is to download the Best Buy mobile app, which gives you quick, easy access to thousands of high-quality electronics and accessories on your smartphone.
  • And if it makes sense for you, you could apply for the Best Buy Credit Card to start earning cash back on many of your purchases.

Tips for Navigating the Deals

  • Check out the Black Friday ad to discover the bargains you want ahead of time. Then, make a list, check it twice, and prioritize it to determine the order of importance.
  • Consider items that you might want later when it's time to get wedding or birthday gifts. You can even ask relatives and friends for gift ideas ahead of time, or have them set up a wish list from which you can shop.
  • Give special consideration to items you're interested in from brands that are rarely available for a discount price during other times of the year.

Don't Forget the Details

  • If you're looking for a new appliance, measure the space where it will go and check for power requirements.
  • Hoping to find a new TV on sale? Don't forget to make a note to pick up any connecting cords, speakers or media players.
  • Accessories are on sale too, so it can't hurt to write down which phone or table models you have at home in case you want to pick up a few extra chargers, cases, cables or screen protectors.
  • Thinking about picking up some new video games or accessories? Don't forget compatibility details so you know it will all work when you get home.

What Black Friday Tricks Will Help Me Shop Online?

Sometimes you just want to bypass the lines completely, and shop Black Friday from the comfort of your own home. Preparation is still a key to success.

  • Before you jump into the fray, be sure you're signed into the website to expedite the purchase process when you're ready to buy.
  • Have access to another device in case your smartphone, computer or tablet does the unthinkable and freezes up, or just so you can use the one that loads fastest.
  • Remember this won't be your only chance to get in on big-discount deals since the Cyber Monday event is just around the corner, and Green Monday is less than two weeks away.

What Black Friday Ideas Will Help Me Shop In Store?

There's no doubt that the controlled chaos of in-store shopping on this day appeals to many people. Just the same, following a few tips could help determine shopping success:

  • Check out the Black Friday store locations, then visit the store you'll be going to earlier in the week. Familiarize yourself with your route from home, the parking options and the layout of the merchandise in the store, keeping an eye open for likely locations for doorbuster specials.
  • Having a shopping partner can allow you to divide and conquer as you each cover a different part of the store.
  • Dress in layers. It can get a bit chilly waiting in line outside, but the store can heat up quickly with all the shoppers filling the aisles.

Best of luck. We hope these Black Friday tips will give you the edge you need to make this your most memorable shopping experience ever.