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The HDMI Silver Bullet

AudioQuest HDMI cables provide you with a complete home theater cable solution by combining intelligent design with high-quality materials. Their cables are directionally controlled, built with solid-core conductors, and made with silver-plated high-purity metal. Plus, an advanced noise-dissipation system has been developed to provide the "silver bullet" solution that your entertainment system needs.

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By definition, silver is the most conductive of all metals. More silver in your HDMI cables means purer sound
and overall improved quality from your home theater system.

HDMI cables

0.25%–1% Silver Content

The solid-core construction and silver content in these cables allow them to perform remarkably well while being affordable.

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HDMI cables

1.25%–2.5% Silver Content

A step up in silver content and the addition of a single-layer noise-dissipation system offers the next level of performance for your system.

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HDMI cables

5%–10% Silver Content

Experience the ultimate in performance with cables containing up to 10% silver content and a three-layer noise-dissipation system.

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Solid-Core Construction

Each conductor in a cable creates its own invisible electromagnetic field, which causes distortion. If a conductor is made up of many smaller strands braided together, it will create many electromagnetic fields, and more distortion. A single solid-core conductor only creates one of these fields, which results in lower distortion. Solid-core conductors from AudioQuest provide you with low-noise, low-distortion, highly intelligible entertainment.

Solid-Core Conductors

Typical Stranded Conductors

Silver-Plated Performance

AudioQuest's top-of-the-line HDMI cables are composed of 100% silver to create the ultimate entertainment experience. However, more affordable options using high-quality copper surrounded by silver plating are also available. Since most of the signal in HDMI transmissions operate at a high frequency and travel along the outside layer of the conductors, these silver-plated options deliver levels of performance nearly equal to a solid silver cable (depending on the percentage of silver plate), but are priced close to solid copper cables.

Directionality in HDMI

When any conductor is fabricated, a directional pattern is created. If an HDMI cable is plugged into your system in the wrong direction, the system will suffer from additional distortion. As a result, AudioQuest tests all conductors for directionality. Then, permanent arrows are stamped on all of the cable terminals so you'll always know which orientation will provide you with optimal performance.

Noise Dissipation System

Noise is the enemy of great entertainment systems. Unfortunately, it exists in all environments, especially at home. Radio frequency (RF) interference comes from sources all around us. When it enters the cable, noise is introduced to the system. AudioQuest has created a series of defensive "walls" using advanced layers of material that effectively dissipate this kind of RF noise by routing it away from the audio signal. The resulting lower distortion provides an improved overall experience.


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