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Bowers & Wilkins

More than 50 years of acoustic expertise.

Bowers & Wilkins products consistently set the benchmark for high-performance Hi-Fi, home cinema and personal sound. Choose from an outstanding selection of award-winning loudspeakers, headphones and wireless music systems.

The Bowers & Wilkins story.

Bowers & Wilkins has grown from its cottage-industry origins to become a global leader in high-end speakers and audio systems. Breaking every convention in their relentless pursuit of improvement, Bowers & Wilkins speakers and personal audio products consistently set the benchmark in performance and design. Bowers & Wilkins speakers are now used as standard in the most demanding recording studios around the world, as well as the homes of discerning sound enthusiasts everywhere.
Chosen by the best in the world in leading recording studios around the world, music that will soon be heard everywhere is heard first through Bowers & Wilkins speakers. At Abbey Road, the world's most famous recording studio, sound equipment must offer nothing less than absolute definition and purity. In all three main studios, Abbey Road employs the 800 Series to monitor the output of the most demanding artists. Film is another industry that demands the very best in recording equipment. The Skywalker Sound studios in Marin County, California, is where Hollywood puts music to hit movies. And they do it on the ultimate surround sound system, featuring Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series speakers.
Design excellence and technological innovation runs deep in the lifeblood of Bowers & Wilkins. The "University of Sound," the research and development laboratory that John Bowers founded in Steyning in 1976, was the first of its kind, hiring only the most talented and curious engineers in a quest to discover the secrets of acoustic behavior. Working closely with visionary product designers and expert craftsmen, Bowers & Wilkins engineers have an open brief: to stop at nothing to make the world's best speakers. When you're in pursuit of perfection, there's simply no room for compromise.
Bowers & Wilkins speakers are the result of an unswerving commitment to perfection combined with more than 45 years of accumulated acoustic expertise. Speakers like the 800 Series, or the revolutionary Nautilus, have set the industry standard, rewriting the rulebook on how high-end loudspeakers should be constructed and designed. At the same time, the advanced technology that has helped make Bowers & Wilkins speakers leaders in their field has begun to filter down to new markets. Home theater, car audio systems, even your Apple iPod — all of these can now be experienced as never before, through the power and clarity of Bowers & Wilkins speakers.
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