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An unparalleled, immersive home experience.

With StealthTech, the next evolution in Sactionals has arrived, and it’s extraordinary.

Invisible is beautiful.

Introducing StealthTech: premium sound, embedded. Technology that brings together elegant design with modern living. The perfect balance of form and function.

Sound + Charge System.

Effortless magic rests in the unique combination of integrated wireless charging and captivating 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound by Harman Kardon.
Chair with arrows icon
With speakers hidden inside, you’ll be surrounded by sound.
Sound converging icon
Choose from more than 200 cover options without losing sound quality.
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Use the StealthTech app to create countless configurations.
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Enjoy wireless charging completely hidden from view.

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Your price for this item is $5,906.25
Save $1,968.75
The previous price was $7,875.00
Your price for this item is $5,906.25
Save $1,968.75
The previous price was $7,875.00
Your price for this item is $7,762.50
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The world’s most adaptable couch.™

Sactionals are specially designed to be adaptable, changeable and customizable. 

One Seat, one Side, endless possibilities.

Sactionals are a modular platform that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.* With these two pieces, you have the foundation of a couch that can grow, change and evolve along with you.

Style, comfort and peace of mind.

Sactionals can adapt to your life and be the last couch you’ll ever have to buy.

Rearrangeable and expandable for any occasion.

With just a few Seats and a few Sides, you can easily rearrange your Sactionals so they can always meet your needs. Have the foundation of a couch that can grow, change and evolve along with you.

Changeable covers.

Whether you’re moving to a new home, giving the walls a coat of paint, or simply looking for something more seasonal, our changeable Covers allow you to reinvent the look of your couch again and again.

Machine washable.

Major mess? Just toss it in the wash. Sactionals Seat Frames, Cushions, and even the Sides have removable, machine-washable Covers that keep your couch always looking like new.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.*

Sactionals are built to last. You’ll enjoy a lifetime guarantee* on Seat Frames, Side Inserts, Clamps, Feet and Shoes, as well as a three-year warranty* on Seat Cushions, Back Pillows and Covers.

How things connect.

Lovesac’s patented, tool-free interlocking system keeps Seats and Side from sliding apart. Shoes, Feet, and Clamps secure Seats and Side from the top and bottom, creating one connected couch that’s even more durable than a traditional stationary sofa.
Feet fit directly into the Shoes, connecting one Seat to the next, or to any Side.
Steel Clamps lock Seats and Sides together so they never slide apart.

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A smart investment.

Lovesac believes that building a product strong enough to withstand the test of time is just the beginning. Products must be built to last a lifetime and designed to evolve with you as your life inevitably changes.
Arrows pointing to four corners


Add Seats and Sides as you go to always meet your needs.

Four squares


Countless configurations to fit every environment.

Washing machine


Keep your Sactionals clean with machine-washable Covers.

Calendar with 60

60-Day Home Trial.*

Order with peace of mind. Total Comfort, or your money back.*



Choose from a wealth of Cover options to update your look.

Check mark

Guaranteed for life.*

All Sactionals Seats and Slides are guaranteed for life.*

Repreve, plastic bottle


The base upholstery fabric of Sactionals is made using 100% repurposed plastic bottles. In 2020, Lovesac estimates that they’ll repurpose more than 30 million plastic bottles each year.


*Lovesac Warranty:
Sacs: Hard insert pieces – N/A; Soft insert pieces – lifetime; Covers – 3-year
Sactionals: Hard insert pieces – Lifetime; Soft insert pieces – 3-year; Covers – 3-year
The Lovesac Warranty does not cover accessories, commercial/rental use, pet damage, color fading, failure to follow washing instructions, or damage due to burns, odors, mold, ink stains, water/fire, natural disaster, or bodily fluids.

*Lovesac Customer Service is available to help. Call 1-888-636-1223 or visit

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